Lii-The Super Smash Brothers Webcomic

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Hello all, I created (WHat I think is one of the first) SSBB Webcomics, using screenshots and what-not. But it was a little idea I had and it seems to have come out well.

Any Comments/Questions will be greatly appreciated

This is the first of many to come so
tell us what you think.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Lii - FTW

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    You can't even bother hosting it on a free image host?

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    Ummm... We have to download zip files to view your screenshot-based comic?

    This relationship is off to a bad start.

    Either post something that we can view IN THIS THREAD or it will be locked.

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    Just FYI, I did download it, and it's really nothing to speak of. Think screenshots with text.

    Not trying to post someone else's art for the sake of whatever (and not to break any rules), just showing you guys that... well, look at it.


    As far as criticism, you shouldn't make comics that are screenshots of a video game. And if you are, you at least need to learn the basics of word; word spacing, stuff like that. Beyond that, this isn't really "yours" or "art" or "your art," so I'm not really sur eif it belongs here, I think. Or don't.

    Edit: I can't read because I have a slow brain, but I now see that bakacrisis already said it was screenshot-based. DUR :|

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  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    edited June 2008 good. I'm not against people using 3d programs to create art for a web comic. Well, at least if they can do it well. However, screen shots of a game just doesn't cut it. Red vs. Blue is cool. This is not.

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