The Wandering Penny

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So I made this today on Corel Draw. I love making these characters but I feel like they're always a little off. I can't tell what I'm doing wrong because I can't critique my own work :rotate:
Need help!

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    Your using Corel Draw for a start....god I hate that fucking program, that you managed to create anything in it makes you god-like in my opinion.

    The interaction with Gabes hand and the tube is all wrong. The Top of gabes hand is toward the viewer but the top of the tube is facing away.

    Tycho's hand looks like it's gone through a ironing press.

    The black shading on Gabe cloak doesn't make any sense (It's yellow, so use a darker yellow)

    The tube is too small and lacks weight.

    Apart from the hand Tycho looks pretty good, I just don't know why you didn't carry over the shading decisions you used for tycho to those with gabe.

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    I think the coloring takes away from the line art. Maybe using flatter colors, OR if you insist on coloring it the way you have, thicken the lines up.

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    Hey thanks for the advice! It does help a lot lol Tychos hand does look uber flat, i'll work on that :) As for the differences between the two, I figured that the Wandering Age and Penny Arcade had two different artsitic styles, but I guess it didn't flow too well lol.

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