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Dragoncon: Persona 3 costumes HELP NEEDED!!!

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Ok so I'm gonna come right out and say I'm in some DEEP shite right now. My friends and I are SUPPOSED to be cosplaying as the characters of Persona 3 for Dragoncon this year and to be honest we're SCREWED. It's our first con and we predictably screwed the pooch on waiting til the last damn second to actually get things together. That being said we need, no BEG for help in finding costumes and wigs (especially Mitsuru's) and would welcome ANY help in finding these. So if anyone knows a god place to find some GOOD Persona 3 crap let us know.

Characters we're going as:

Minato Arisato (Main Character)
Mitsuru Kirijo
Junpei Iori
Chihiro Fushimi (Brunette with glasses, social link of Justice)
Akihiko Sanada

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    H/A :arrow:

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