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My first foray into something besides iTunes, leet advice plz!

madra001madra001 Registered User new member
I downloaded MediaMonkey, was dismayed when it didn't do what I wanted it to do within 3 minutes. Was drawn in with the party mode promise, but I found it a little clumsy. Would put more time into learning if I was told to.

Trying Foobar2000. Seems to be good. Simple first, complicate it later. I think I want that.

I don't like Winamp.

So, if I'm going to have a new audio player, I like to mod, want album art, pretty stuff, but none of this iTunes loading time BS, and something that looks a little funkier when I show my friends, what should I be using? Not confined to the above list, that's just an example.

Key points for me:
  1. Album art; automatic detection appreciated.
  2. Visualizations.
  3. Simplicity, or a complexity worth understanding.
  4. Modifiability.
  5. I like my shuffles and playlists, on iTunes. I had a smart playlist for any occasion.

TY for your time. :)

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