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Vote for "Johnny Isn't"!

Panicman123Panicman123 Registered User regular
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On the website , I am a finalist in the Direct to Developement contest. What this means is that my story pitch, "Johnny Isn't", could be made into a real, 22-page comic book made by professionals, and could eventually become a huge franchise. So I ask you, all who love action and humor (and evil, deadly aliens that spit poisonous raccoons), join and vote for panicman123's pitch "Johnny Isn't"

But what is "Johnny Isn't"? It's the adventures of smart, peppy Lizzy Freeman, new member of the Non-Organization, a group so secret that they're barely sure what they're doing half the time! Their task is to fight off all the alien, demonic, and just plain weird menaces to humanity so that we are able to keep living in bliss and ignorance. Lizzy is paired with the hard-boiled, big-mouthed Johnny Q, the NO's #1 agent. Johnny is an amnesiac (what a surprise) who just walked into the NO and woke-up, right in the middle of his step, without any idea who he was. All he knows is that the "Q" meant something important to his previous life
Despite the constant clashes between the two, they come to be friends and together are forced to fight off evil as lead by The Advocate, a villain so evil he eats puppies. Apparently, the ageless Advocate and his servant/assassin/personal butler Etrian know something about Johnny's past, but they're not going to reveal it without a fight.
Thus begins the violent (but heartfelt) tale of revenge, aliens, love, and more aliens. Sounds pretty great, huh? Go vote for me! I guarantee you'll love the comic.

Feel free to post questions.

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    not enough aliens

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    please feel free to actually establish yourself in the community before making votebegging/sitewhoring threads

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