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Ars Magica: The Art of Pretending to Be a Wizard

TheOtherHorsemanTheOtherHorseman Registered User regular
edited July 2008 in Critical Failures

So, I've never played this game, but I have some books, and it seems cool because you can pretend to be this:

even though a more accurate depiction of your reality is this:


So the idea is you play as a wizard, or a skilled companion to wizards. You might think that you'll spend all your time traipsing around on adventures and slaying dragons.

No, what are you, stupid? You're probably a wizard. You have shit to do. I mean, yeah, you are forced by your own needs and research, or by the demands of your elders, to go on adventures and risk your hide once or twice a year, but that is a serious distraction to your reading and labwork.

The members of the Order of Hermes are scholars, by and large. As such, you spend 2 or 3 seasons each year engaged in labwork, study, and research. The idea is that you are pursuing your interests, pushing back the boundary of the unknown in magical theory, and so on. Functionally, the "off-seasons" serve to make you more of a dragon-slaying badass while you forge magical items, create new spells out of whole cloth, and advance your talents.

Okay, I'm tired of writing.

This is a cool game with a cool magic system of which I might edit in a cool description later when I'm bored.

TheOtherHorseman on


  • TheOtherHorsemanTheOtherHorseman Registered User regular
    edited July 2008

    If anyone is familiar enough with the system to run a game, you should so we can all be your best friend.

    If someone is familiar with the system and would totally like to run a game, but are too busy running other games or something stupid like that, then you should probably tell your other players to shut up and go away so you can help me to simulate mystical General Chemistry Lab.

  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    I've played a bunch of Ars in the older editions. It's quite in depth but it can be fun. The magic system in particular is cool, especially Fast Casting (I think that's the term, the thing when you make up spells on the fly and try to make them work).

    The older editions were pretty cumbersome, I'm not sure how pbp friendly the new stuff might be though.

  • TheOtherHorsemanTheOtherHorseman Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    Spontaneous casting seems awesome. I loved Mage: The Ascension for that feature, so I could hardly appreciate it any less in Ars Magica.

    Sometimes you just want to do something ridiculous you didn't have time to invent a formula for.

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