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What is Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO)?

Dream of Mirror Online is basically your average free MMOG. I'm not sure if it's Korean or Chinese or whatever, but it proved to be decent enough to make a thread specifically about it. It basically comes down to leveling up, getting new armor and weapons, and using those to level up some more. But that's every MMOG, isn't it?

However, as far as F2P games go, DoMO has a few new twists. At the beginning of the game you can choose a sign in the Chinese zodiac, along with a birth date (if this sounds odd, it's because the Chinese zodiac is based on year of birth, not day and month). You are automatically attracted to certain characters based on their sign. You can start an 'official' relationship with this person (or any person) that increases your power and gives you access to new skills. If you were meant for eachother, you gain access to skills no-one else can use.

There are also a fair amount of different classes: the Commoner, the Thief, the Hunter, the Mercenary, the Wizard, the Doctor, the Blademaster, the Fencer...might be a couple of others I'm missing. But you have a lot to choose from and you can change classes freely, but I believe you can only choose a total of two. In additiona to this, certain skills can be carried over to other classes, for example, the ability to wear heavy armor. So if you invest in that skill enough, even a Wizard could run around in heavy armor. Or use swords and axes and all other sorts of stuff. You can learn to heal, resurrect other characters etc. which provides a lot of options for hybrid-style classes.



Courageous and well-traveled, making friends wherever they go...

The characteristics that best represent the Human race are its diversity and balanced capabilities. In other words, they're jacks of all trades but masters of none. However, there's an old proverb that says, "Greatness exists in the most inconspicuous and overlooked details." So, while most Humans may seem ordinary, really great men & women rise from the ranks to become extraordinary. Humans' good relations with all races have brought them success as shopkeepers and mediatorsThey tend to follow the trends and focus on their similarities, but from living alongside more "exotic" races like Shuras and Sylphs, they're prone to underestimating their own potential. This is why the human race is the most ironic of the four races. With spirit and commitment, the Human race possesses the skill and adaptability to pursue any line of work they choose.

With a balanced outlook and sociable personalities, there's nothing that humans can't do!

The hometown of Humans is Eversun City, styled in the fashion of the mysterious Orient. As the busy central city of the Kunlun Mirror world, there are all manners of shops and curious citizens to visit, as well as the bustling bazaar, run by fellow dreamers of all shapes, sizes, and races. The towering Eversun Planetarium in the city is a familiar tourist spot that's sure to delight first-time visitors, and a delightful assortment of fashionable outfits and happy pets with their owners can always be found lounging outside the Eversun Bank.

Fierce power and seductive allure... how will you use your assets?

The proud Shura race are the descendants of dragons, and their culture encourages the development - and liberal use - of power. Male Shura embody physical might, while female Shura emphasize the power of charisma through their seductive wiles. Shura tend to be quick to action and look for the quickest solution to problems - which is often physical retaliation. Adopting this "eye for an eye" mentality can be a drawback, but there is a sense of basic effectiveness to it.

Since the Shura are no strangers to aggression and love a good fight, they're honor-bound to respect greater power - even if grudgingly. Long ago, the Shura race nearly wiped itself out due to in-fighting and inter-clan conflicts. However, a Human appeared who was able to defeat the best Shura fighters. Because the Shura have a rule that the strongest shall lead them, the Human became their leader and caused them to stop killing each other. That Human went on to found the famous Golden Saber Sword School.

Because Shura value power and strength, they often take up occupations that place them right in the middle of combat. Their hometown is Darkdale, a frontier city carved out of the ore-rich rocks of the Copperhorn Mountains. It's a prosperous industrial center for mining, as well as an outpost for adventurers bound for the ancient Dragon's Den.

On a neverending journey to attain wisdom and learn the truth of the world~

You can see the wisdom of a Sylph in their eyes, some say. They're a race that places value in mystical knowledge and the perfection of arcane skills, and disdains needless violence. Clean-cut and good-looking, they are proud of their elegant appearance. However, their bodies are not naturally built for great strength, so they have learned to wield their weapons with telekinesis, swinging swords or staves with the power of their minds.

Because of their untiring thirst for wisdom and knowledge, there are many accomplished Sylphs who have mastered everything from alchemy to swordfighting to exorcism. But, as is often the case with those who attain great skill, many Sylphs are self-absorbed and do not care much for others. For a long time, they resided in the heavens, until they became curious about the world again and started to venture forth, finding that there was much new to be learned. But in order to learn, they would have to form bonds with others again and become a part of the world they sometimes disdained.

When the Sylphs began to populate the world again, they chose as their hometown Collington, a city of marble stone and lotus flowers, built upon a vast lake. As a more out-of-the-way town, Collington suited the Sylphs' penchant for solitude and beautiful vistas with its ethereal air. As visitors navigate its many stairways and bridges, they can seek out shops selling more powerful weapons and armor than either Eversun City or Darkdale, or relax beside the central fountain.

Tough yet tender! Viewing the world with the eyes of a child~

In the Kunlun Mirror world, Sprites were originally created to serve as assistants and messengers for the Twelve Mirror Kings. Because they're small and cute, the Mirror Kings also allow visitors to adopt the form of Sprites. However, it sometimes seems that sprites have the energy for someone twice their size, packed into a small body, and that double-helping of energy sometimes causes headaches for others.

Sprites are small and quick, and they love running around everywhere. Like children, they love to laugh and are usually right at the scene of anything funny that happens in Eversun City. They may not look like they're quite suited for swinging a giant sword or an axe, but they can pack a surprising wallop for their size!

The Sprites place emphasis being nimble, and they're fast learners, able to pick up new life skills quickly. Some say they're luckier as well. Sprites don't have a hometown to call their own - rather, they can be found scattered throughout all towns, making mischief and livening things up wherever they can be found.

In Dream of Mirror Online, every player begins the game as the "Commoner". class. When a player reaches level 10 in the Commoner class, they will then be able to visit the Dojo in Eversun City to learn about how to take the qualification exams for other jobs. Each qualification exam is its own small quest, and each is different. Once a qualification exam has been passed, a player will always be able to switch to that job at the Dojo from that point on.

All jobs besides Commoner will start at level 10, and each jobs will begin with its own unique basic statistic-point distribution regardless of race or gender. From here, you can freely allocate the 3 Stat Points and 3 Skill Points you get with each level however you'd like. You don't have to worry about trying to be a spellcaster if you've been putting all your points into strength, though, because every class keeps its own statistics and levels separately. This feature allows you to play as a wide variety of classes equally well, so you can discover your true calling in life!

Commoners (aka Civilians) with "basic occupations" are the building blocks of society. Although they have the opportunity to pick up all combat skills, they are not able to be an expert in those skills without specialized training. Therefore, they usually live ordinary lives with no outstanding accomplishments. With their jobs, Commoners are able to access abundant resources and make a living without worrying about the economy. After some simple civilian militia training, they can protect themselves by teaming up with other Commoners.

Of course, after reaching a certain level, Commoners can choose to specialize...
Martial Artist

Martial Artists fight with their hands, feet and limbs, pursuing the goal of extreme physical potential. Without the protection of armor, they can move and dodge with great speed. Martial Artists are good at up-close fighting. They use Qigong to assist in combat and enhance their body strength. Sometimes they fight with hand weapons like boxing gloves.

To common civilians, Wizards are special professionals who provide services to spiritually cleanse and protect their homes. Beyond exorcising ghosts, Wizards can perform special magical attacks by burning charm papers and using spells. The destructive power of their magic is huge and direct.

When Wizards perform their magic, they use charm papers as a medium. They can also turn their vital stats into magic powers during crisis to achieve more attacks.

Hunters have long resided in the wild. They use bows as weapons and are good at tracking animals and skilled at hiding their own scent. Hunters know all about various creatures. They improve their chance of success in deadly attacks by applying their knowledge on animals' weaknesses.

Especially good hunters can train their minds to concentrate; they are then able to become legendary marksmen and precise hitters.

Thieves are a group misunderstood individuals who people often hate. They are very skillful and hard to stop. While most think of Theives as only stealing from people, Theives in DOMO can steal from animals and monsters.

Thieves mainly use easy-to-hide weapons, like daggers, and are good at disguise and hiding. The thieves can also move very swiftly.

Doctors have great knowledge about herbs and healing techniques. Based on their understanding of human bodies and medicines, they can treat others with wounds directly.

Doctors constantly study about medicine and look for new medical solutions. They use various medicinal ingredients to enhance their teams' ability to stay in battle as long as possible.

Mercenaries do the jobs no one else wants to take on. They have high endurance for that reason. They may be frowned upon by some, but they do a job which is considered necessary, although oftentimes thankless.

Mercenaries can take blows that could fell even the most seasoned fighters, and keep on fighting. They have an array of skills with a spear or an axe, as well as having the innate ability to use swords and daggers, and use heavy or light armor as required. They can learn several formations to help their teams fight more effectively, and they also have a number or skills that draw monsters' aggression towards themselves. In this way, they can keep their teammates safe even in dangerous situations.

Shamans provide an essential link between the world we live in, and all the nature around us. They are able to call upon the spirits of the elements and form them into various spells and attacks.

Shamans, like Wizards, use robes and wands for their magic. However, their magic does not need to be channeled through an object (such as a Scroll, or Charm) since they take it right from nature itself. Shamans who have practiced their magic long are known to be quick, and deadly casters.

A Fencer's use of the sword is considered art, stabbing and slashing elegantly. Their art is deadly however, able to take down a target by attacking their critical points, completely shutting them down.

To be a graceful Fencer you must master an enemies weak spots. A Fencer is able to strike out at these weak spots with various skills and attacks that are able to completely remove your opponent's chance to attack. They are also able to channel their own energy into powerful auras that can protect them defensively, or help them offensively.

Some people might think of musicians merely as entertainers, but in DOMO, they are much more than that. They play an important role in most parties, and their skills can also come in handy when going up against monsters alone.

Equipped with a musical instrument, Musicians can inspire their teammates and their pets to be stronger than ever before with their songs, providing an array of essential buffs to any team or pet. They are also the only class that can heal pets and bring them back from the dead, without the use of an item! Musicians are always on the lookout for new songs to add to their repertoire.

The Dancer uses a variety of fancy moves to do AoE attacks and debuffs on its enemies.


We do not have one. You need 7 characters at level 30 along with 40,000 gold each, plus there are a limited number of guilds allowed on each server. It is possible that we'll all have to join one that has already been established. Hopefully that's not the case, but it's better than no guild.


Ooh, pretty! DoMO has a nice cel-shaded style that looks solid in motion. Of course you're about to see for yourself, so I'll shut up now.

Hah! Joking. I never shut up.

Okay I'm serious now.


We play on the Onyx server. Or, at least, we should. Because my 15 BM/12 Merc is on there and I don't want to start over.

Character names and PA users

Zombiemambo - Zorastria, 15 Blademaster / 12 Mercenary

...And of course, the link to the site.


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    I've tried playing this a little more, but it's hard to stay interested for me. The graphics are certainly unique, nice looking, and the class leveling (getting stuff as you go, learning how to use something after you learn about it) is pretty fun. Kind of nice getting things based on how you use your abilities. I think I'm a fighter-type right now, but learning magic stuff when I can at the school.

    Arguably the quest-system, having an owl drop you quests of your level and being able to follow a waypoint to the start of it, is a great idea and makes the leveling much more active instead of running back and forth hoping to find a npc with a quest.

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    While I'm downloading it, I'll C&P this.

    onRPG interview:
    Interview with DOMO Producer - Jax Chou

    Question: Will your version of DOMO be any different than the European version?

    Yes! We’ve made a serious effort to make DOMO have a more Americanized feel. Our creative department has added a few pop culture references here and there where we felt it would add a chuckle or two. We’ve also been hard at work writing new quests exclusive to the North American audience for future use. We are also adding the Hunter class for our version. The Hunter class (currently) is available in our version and the Asian versions of DOMO. Also, players who help out in the closed beta will receive a special collector’s item.

    Aeria Games has a large and friendly player base who are extremely enthusiastic about DOMO. They can’t wait to get their hands on it. Expect GMs to play an important role in organizing events and assisting players both in and out of game.

    Question: Can players expect it to be close to the same version in Taiwan?

    While trying to Americanize the game, we’ve also tried to keep the game true to its roots. There’s a lot of mythology in DOMO that is truly Eastern and trying to alter that would break the flow of the game. So, yes, for the most part, gameplay will closely resemble the original.

    Question: What will be done to discourage bot programs and such?

    We have always felt the community is best at policing its own games. Much like a neighborhood watch program, our players are our eyes and ears at all times. When they speak, we listen closely. Players have always done a wonderful job at reporting incidents such as bots, spammers and exploiters to us. We actively peruse any and all reports of behavior that would disrupt the enjoyment of the community. We also have our own internal methods that alert us to fraudulent activities.

    Question: Given glut of free games coming out, what drew your company into licensing DOMO?
    Compared with the other titles in our stable, DOMO is really unique. Sure, the free to play MMO market is indeed increasing and it seems every time you turn around there is a new player in the market… but overall, we’re happy to see new ideas being presented to the game industry as a whole.
    We admit that DOMO might make some players scratch their heads. But after a bit of time reviewing the game -in a language that no one here could read- we were convinced that DOMO could be a hit. We all felt that we were in the position to bring DOMO to North America and make it successful not only for Aeria Games, but for fans as well.

    Despite some head-scratchers, we believe that DOMO has a wide appeal. It should provide an amazing gameplay experience for our players, regardless of gender or generation. Whether you are a casual player or lean more to the hardcore style, there really is something for everyone.

    Question: How many characters are players allowed per account?

    Players are allowed 2 characters per accounts, but have the ability to change job and classes at will. This option may very well change in the future to add more characters. Players can also delete characters whenever they choose.

    Question: Can you explain the human relationship system in more detail?

    In other games, you find players you want to team up and go. The only benefit to teaming up in those games is the power in numbers. In DOMO, the characters created by players can develop most close relationships beyond just “hi, how are you?” Through the use of in-game items, players are able to deepen their relationships with each other. DOMO offers three types of human relationships: Teacher and Student, Friends, and Lovers. By the use of Dream Stones, relationships can be increased and new skills can be obtained. Different relationships interact differently and it’s these differences that should get players charged up about finding new friends. Building personal relationships with other players should be boon for DOMO players.

    Question: When reading up on DOMO, I stumbled across the destiny system, how does this work?

    The themes for "Dream of Mirror Online" tend to revolve around destiny versus creation. Because of this, the game will preset some destined characters for each player when they create new characters. Those preset characters will form the players' destined relationships. Again, these destined relationships are set at the start of the game, so once you make it to the main game world, your destiny is set; there’s no going back.

    Through the course of game play, players will be drawn towards their destined match; it could be for love, work, or a rival. The game itself makes these matches with the given data so players will never know who their match is. It’s just one more feature to encourage social interaction within DOMO.

    Question: How will all the tradeskills work?

    We don’t want to give too much away, but there are many different types of tradeskills. Some are used for improving weapons capabilities and others for making useful items. Players will be able to go out into the world and “farm” for all sorts of material. Players can fish, use pickaxes for mining, hatchets for forestry, and many more skills. What they collect than then either be sold, or in some cases, used to make something else.

    Question: What sorts of plans do you have for the item mall?

    Players can expect A LOT of variety from the item mall. In addition to great deals on popular items, players can expect a new outfit every month. We’ll also introduce special weapons, accessories, and consumable items. Of course, we will listen carefully to our community and work closely with our developer to deliver the most requested items on a regular basis.

    Question: Can we expect to see GMs take an active role in game management and events?

    Absolutely! GMs are the backbone of the company. Without them there is no community. We see our GMs as vital in maintaining a positive and working relationship with our players. Expect GMs to run events daily, interact with players in game, and contribute over all to the feel of the game.

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