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Comic / Graphic Novel reading question

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I think it was a pretty good guess that this is where I would put my question, so here we go:

With all the Comic book / graphic novels coming out, I've wanted to dive into the various ones and read them. Learn the back story of the good guys, the bad guys, and everyone in-between, essentially read their mythology. It soon dawned on me though that this would be a task way to difficult for a causal reader such as myself with limited funds, specially with some of the older one. This being more true for comics such as X-men and Batman, with 60 some years of history, I would have no idea where to start. Graphic Novels on the other hand are a little easier, since most of them are A) the issue is longer and B) the series is shorter.

I've always loved Batman and have always wanted to read up on the mythos of him and his just as famous villians. The same with X-men.

Seeing the Watchmen trailer made me want to look into it and read it.

I've recently came across an arch in the Marvel Universe called Marvel Zombies. I like Marvel and love zombies so I wanted to look into it.

What I'm looking for are other such sets (both comic and graphic novel) that I could find (relatively cheap) and read and not need to get a ton of issues. So any suggestions on Batman/X-men themed ones as well as other ones that I should read would be great.


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