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Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern: AWESOME POST in "Seared cables from PC Fan: What to do?",

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someone actually told him that if he switched computer cases, he'd have to re-install windows, and he believed them.
Forum: Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern
Post: Seared cables from PC Fan: What to do?
Posted by: Professor Snugglesworth

Original Content:
Well that's another thing I was considering. I've been typing on my youngest sister's PC, which she never ever uses anymore. I was considering as a solution for the switch problem, and due to the bad press I read about Dell towers, to use her tower (an Insignia), take out all the components and replace them with mine, therefore getting a new (and better?) tower and a new switch to boot.

I was told I would definitely have to to reinstall Windows if I did this, though. But I'm making further backups in Safe Mode as we speak, since I still want to read more opinions on what I should do next, plus dinner's up soon, so it'll be a couple hours until I decide on anything final.

But let me ask again, if I were to install Vista on my second driver instead of reinstalling it on my first driver, will having Vista on two drivers cause any problems? Can I then uninstall Vista from driver no. 1 and not lose any files or programs?

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