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So I want to go to graduate school...

RokateRokate Registered User regular
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Hey all!
So I've run into a dilemma, I'm currently starting my senior year of college in the fall (next month or so) and I need to apply to graduate schools. I'm debating between a few, but my real problem is that my current (bachelor's) degree is in Psychology but for a Masters/PhD I need to have a more specific area. Like clinical, school, blah blah blah, and I'm really not sure what area I like more. I was wondering if there is some sort of test I could take online or even on paper? I've looked on Google, but I didn't really find anything.
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  • That_Spoony_BardThat_Spoony_Bard Registered User regular
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    Well in your current program what classes have you liked? Do you want to do more research type work or do you want to go into the counseling field? If you want to do research/teaching, the clinical/experimental psychology route would be a start.

    Edit: This could be a good read for you.

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