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[D&D 4th] Casual Game Recruiting, Tulsa Oklahoma Area

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Everyone always has to go to fancy smancy college. Well, I did too, but now I'm back, but no one else is.

In essence I played and DM'd in olden days of high school, and 4th Edition looks intriguing. We have 3 players, plus DM (me), (ages ranging from 18 to 22) and are striking out blindly hoping to get lucky for one or more people before we start the campaign. We are casual players, the reason I'm only posting a shout out of this nature HERE, on the PA forums and not on any D&D forum is I hope not to draw the attention of...shall we say, those of a...smelly nature. Basically if you want to play with us the only requirement is that you BATHE, and, um, wear clothes...(NOT costumes). Obviously you must LIVE in the Tulsa area.

The exact location of where we will play is South Broken Arrow. We all drive so if transportation is an issue it wouldn't be a problem.

Yes I understand that fancy online games take place with 'software' of various natures but that's not what we're interested in, so don't bother posting about it.

The Campaign:

Rules will be standard 4th Edition, though I'll be using a custom type pantheon and for all extents and purposes we'll use 3rd Edition alignments. I like to use real life historical ties, most of which unless you actually know a lot of history you wouldn't notice. Cities, NPC's, dates, almost all have some reference to something which may or may not give you clues. I also like to use cultural references, which again are usually only references, usually for humor's sake. For instance, if you find a monastery at the top of a mountain that is filled with bald headed human monks, the leader may be bald with glasses and a beard and wear a turtle shell on his back and be called the turtle hermit and will speak with my best voice impression of Master Roshi, however it would be very unwise to try and use information you know about Master Roshi, like bribing him with some porn. He would kill you. This is usually to add some ironic humor to the campaign, if this type of thing would bother you then we're probably a little too casual for your type of game play.

I'm using the pure geography of Europe to build the world, with known borders of the respective fallen empires (Bael Turath, Dragonborn, the most recent human Empire which fell 1000 years ago and was basically Rome). The Italian islands, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica are the only known lands controlled by civilized races that are in relative peace and stability. The ancient capital Rome (or, Rochester) is the largest city still standing in the known world. The three islands, Rochester, and the surrounding land are all controlled by the human heirs of the last empire. This leftover fragment is the only real secular government left on the entire continent, save the always mysterious Elven kingdoms to the North and the mostly closed off Dwarven Mountains of the Norwegian Peninsula.

The campaign will be very tied into the character's and their histories, so obviously some of it is still up in the air. So if anyone is interested just post a reply or send me a PM.

-THE Ted

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