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Can someone help me get a specific, hi-res picture from FFXII?

EinEin CaliforniaRegistered User regular
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I have been itching to work on a painting recently.

Since I usually work from a reference (read: find something I think that's cool like a computer wallpaper and paint it on a canvas) I like to try and find nice, clear images to go from.

The thing I've recently decided I want to try painting is the Ridorana Cataract from FFXII:


Just a giant labyrinthine castle-thing on the edge of a bottomless ocean precipice. I basically want to paint that from that angle, sans text.

I found this pan-around on Youtube, which is basically the cutscene you get when you arrive at that place:

Just before the text fades in, the picture I want to paint is basically there. The problem is, a screencap off a youtube video is pretty rough for me as far as source material goes.

I am wondering if anyone has the equipment, technology, or know-how to get me essentially a higher resolution screenshot of that image from the CGI video aso I can use it as a reference. It's the longest of long shots, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

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