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Insane game dev asks pirates to email him



  • BlutrasereiBlutraserei Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    There was once a time when I did not pirate. I have a hardon for having hard copies of games. Lately, though, my moral fiber has thinned..or perhaps my apathy has increase. Lack of money and a horrid job market might have something to do with it as well. "Poverty hath driven me to piracy". It's a poor reason, but at some point people won't care if they're "stealing" or "pirating" any more. Believe me I've played all my bought games over and over, and have not the patience to wait for the opportunity to alleviate my boredem by buying something new. Thus, there have been times where I've commited to it. Same with music, but there's less of a fuss about that for some reason.

    I personally don't care what people think of me for it. Whatever sin I commit is between me and God, and I don't claim to have a valid excuse. This will not stop other people who are in the same boat however. If it can be obtained free of cost, people will take advantage of it. Some of these people are honor bound. I know I've "pi-rented" before and I have hard copies of those games now. Do I or anybody else who have done the same care that it could have been illegal? Since we've purchased it, I would guess not. Even then I know I bear no shame over some of them because, well, maybe I'm some kind of asshole. It's all a grey area to me. I'm a free man. I bear the right to endanger that freedom.

    I support good developers. I bought the hell out of RSPD. I've never thought of downloading games that I've waited forever for and watched intently for release dates i.e.: Kotor, Half-Life, Portal, other big titles, etc. Games I wasn't too sure on? That's another story.

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  • freakish lightfreakish light Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    subedii wrote: »
    On a more minor note, you can't play FFT on recent PS3's, at least not through emulation since that was removed.

    Really minor note, almost not worth mentioning, but only PS2 emulation was canned, because of the hardware required (eventually they got rid of PS2 software emu too, because Sony are a bunch of cockgargling retards, but that's beside the point). PS1 emulation, which is handled entirely through software, is still going strong.

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  • mastriusmastrius Registered User regular
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    I wouldnt pirate because 1. I love to look at the nice stack of games I have, 2. if I like the game, I dont mind paying money for it, even though Im mostly ALWAYS broke Ill risk buying a game new even though Ive never tried it, I may waste money, but not often, and 3. people put a lot of work and money into making games, its not easy, hence, pirating them is just wrong, I know many people do but cmon, and for all you people out there saying, "I bought a game once, why should I have to buy it again?" 1. you sold it, your fault, 2. you lost it, again, your fault, 3. you gave it away, your fault, 4. it was stolen, that would suck, but even so, pay more attention, Ive bought around 4 copies of Xenogears in my life, all because they were lost/sold, even though my brother has sold a copy of it, I lost one, and I sold another doesnt mean I shouldnt pay for the next one I buy, it just makes it all the more worth it when you plunk down the hard earned cash and get to play a game youve been craving.

    Oh and if you want to demo a game before you buy it, go download a demo somewhere, if no demos, then I say take the risk, maybe wait and buy it used so you can get your full money back when you bring it back in, there are many ways to try things before buying.

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