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Vista x64 Drive problems

FanciestWalnutFanciestWalnut Registered User regular
MSTT please help, I recently installed Vista x64 on my pc and can no longer read music CD's from my DVD-R drive, I don't who manufactures the drive and Vista installed some generic driver to it on install. Whenever I try to pull anything off a music CD the first track works for a bit and then things error out. I have tried accessing the CD through itunes, and also windows media player; when accessing the CD through: My computer, and then exploring the CD all the tracks are 44 bytes in size. I am thinking I have either a driver or firmware problem but I am lost as what to do.

FanciestWalnut on


  • EgoEgo Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    If your motherboard has an nVidia chipset, try installing the newest chipset drivers + media shield. I had what sounds like the exact same problem (also couldn't play dvds, would get nearly the same behaviour as with audio) quite recently.

    Ego on
  • FanciestWalnutFanciestWalnut Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    My motherboard is actually, thanks for the tip.

    FanciestWalnut on
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