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Should I Go to Another Art School?

Hexmage-PAHexmage-PA Registered User regular
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I took three quarters of classes at the Savannah College of Art Design, or SCAD, and now I'm regretting it. The tuition is very expensive, but I always thought "Well, other people graduate and can pay it back, so why can't I?"

I'm at home now, and today my mom told me that a daughter of one of her co-workers was thinking of going to SCAD, but decided against it because it was too expensive. Upon hearing that I decided to check websites such as for information about how difficult it is to pay back loans.

I eventually came upon a college review site where the majority of SCAD's reviews were negative. In addition to the previously mentioned tuition, several graduates claimed that employers are especially wary of SCAD alumni, saying that SCAD will accept anyone who can hand them a paycheck. One reviewer claimed that a professor at SCAD told him "This is the only school I've ever been to that bleeds its students dry of every penny." All this is very troubling to me, especially since everything I had heard about SCAD before had been extremely positive, with publications like Newsweek calling it "The Best Art School in America."

What's worse is that apparently other schools do not accept course credit from SCAD. Essentially, I've wasted a year of my time and nearly $40,000 for nothing.

Are there any art schools in Georgia I can attend that aren't terribly expensive and people know for a fact are worth going to? Also, do I really need a degree in art to get a job as a storyboard artist? I've heard conflicting information, with some artists claiming that employers don't care about degrees at all.

Is it even worth it for me to go to art school at all? I could attend the University of Georgia and have Hope pay for nearly all of it.

Feel free to call me stupid for wasting so much money and time; I deserve it.

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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
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    $40k for one year? That's fucking rediculous, I would expect that for somewhere world renowned like Harvard but not an art college.

    Anyway, school is not the be all and end all of life that our parents tell us it is. I mean look at Beavs, all internet trained and has an awesome job at EA.

    However that's not the question you asked, the real question is, has your art improved to a satisfactory level to constitute you paying $40,000 for it? The answer is no, you're going to this school for the 'prestige' of the degree. Prestige is fucking bullshit in my book, if you can't draw I wouldn't give a fuck if you'd gone to the Univeristy of Saturn. You're primary concern should be are you improving enough to warrent staying and would your money be better spent elsewhere. It wasn't a waste of money if you learnt something valuable, but it was if you could've improved the same amount self-teaching.

    Anyway, this should be in the question and discussion thread.

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    Hexmage-PAHexmage-PA Registered User regular
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    I'll open up a separate thread on the Help and Advice forum, so feel free to lock this one down.

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