Hehe, our new MMO Cover

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    the inks are pretty decent however the artist needs to work a bit on foreshortening
    for example, the dude who has the green orc ears in the top pic, i think he's supposed to look like the camera is above his head in the bottom half and he's sort of looking up at it, but the way his head and upper body is drawn makes it look like a straight on shot, it's just his legs that are in that overhead perspective
    in fact, it looks to be the same for all of them.
    the result is that they look like midgets with really really short legs.

    the coloring job really doesn't compliment the artist's drawing skills at all
    there's no properly defined light source and it all looks a little too soft and smudgy
    the actual color choices themselves could also use some work
    he/she has worked with different saturation levels of the same color instead of different colors for shading.
    the result is a flat looking image.

    you should send the artist over here for these crits, it'd probably benefit them more to hear them firsthand.

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    We actually have a rule about this:
    5 ) Post Your Own Work
    If your pal is an awesome artist, then encourage him/her to sign up and post the art him/herself. Don't post artwork on someone else's behalf and demand critique.

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    Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately I have the artist locked in his chambers, scratching away at tomorrow's strip. If I let him see daylight he might escape.

    JK, I'll send him this way.

    Thanks again.

    Edit: Oops, sorry about Rule 5. We are a creative team so I assumed it was ok.


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