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Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a laptop very soon, and will be going overseas in September. My cousin will be joining me with his laptop, and I was wondering whether it was possible to set up a wireless LAN using just our 2 laptops? I don't have experience outside of setting up a network with a router so I wasn't sure if this was possible. He has XP Media Center while I'll probably have Vista Home Premium, if that makes any difference.

What's a good wired mouse? I had a look at the VX Nano wireless mouse, but I'm not sure if I want to deal with replacing the batteries and losing that dinky little reciever.

Lastly, any recommendations on a bag? I can do messenger/backpack types, but I would prefer some space to place other things inside.

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    A computer to computer wireless network is called an Ad Hoc Wireless network. Instructions for XP here, vista shouldn't be that different.

    Wired mouse - Logitech G5

    Laptop bag? You're traveling, so get one that doesn't look like it's a laptop bag or has a big logo on the back that says Targus or something like that because it kinda tells everyone that it is a laptop bag. Just make sure it has a nice amount of padding if you're not that gentle with your electronics.

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