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On the new G&T rules thread.

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So before this new G&T "enforcing the rules for reals this time" thing, the old rules thread had a little link in it that would take me to a place where I could see which mods were online right then.

Can somebody put that in the new G&T rules thread? I only used it twice (to let a mod from another forum know that there was a spammer and someone posting pictures of infected penises posting in G&T during a G&T mod blackout, respectively), but it seems like a handy thing to have around. I didn't want to PM WhipStitchZombie directly, since he's probably drowning in PMs right now, and I dind't want to mention it in the last G&T chatthread, because it's moving at fucking lightspeed right now.

I looked around for another one, but couldn't find it. Is there one already that I just cannot find?

Thank you.

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