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Seattle status (weather/construction/etc)

nearlysobernearlysober Registered User regular
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Just a place for people of Seattle to post some last minute tips to visitors...


Fall has come to visit us for a bit here in August, don't expect the same weather as past PAXs. The weather for most the weekend sounds like it's going to be partly cloudy, high 60's to low 70's... and the always present chance of moisture (although it should be rare).

If you're heading home after work tonight to pack, I'd still advise packing light clothes... you don't want to be all hot & sweaty in the expo halls and add to the stink factor. But if you plan on doing a bit of walking around the city seeing sites, you might want to bring a light rainjacket or umbrella... just incase.

Road Construction:

Nothing as bad as last year thankfully... but there is a repaving project taking place on 5th avenue (about 2 blocks West of WSCTC). It might effect a few street parking spots, and hold you up for a few extra minutes if you're driving around looking for your hotel, but thats about it.

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    MetaverseNomadMetaverseNomad Registered User regular
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    I've actually noticed something strange the past few days walking around downtown. The climate is changing, there is a really weird density to the air. It almost seems like the city is steeped in anticipation for something, like it's just waiting for some explosive event... I think something is coming...

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