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Question about buying a ticket...?

shinbishinbi Registered User regular
edited August 2008 in PAX Archive
Okay. So i'm only going to be there for saturday, according to the schedule it says that doors open at 10 but lines start at 8 AM?

So is that just for people who have preregistered or is that for everyone, including people (like myself) who have to buy at the door?

Or do we have to wait after the doors open that day?

Or on top of that. Is it possible to go on friday and purchase tickets for an all day pass for saturday?

I'm just so new to this. AHHH! T_T

Thanks in advance!! ^_^

shinbi on


  • KrnDoxyKrnDoxy Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    I believe anybody can come at 8 on Saturday, but I don't think you can buy a ticket for Saturday on Friday. GL!

    KrnDoxy on
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