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COD4 [360] Lost XP and Challenges

jerzakiejerzakie Registered User regular
edited August 2008 in Games and Technology
I am having an issue with my xp and challenges not being saved back to the server. It totally sucks balls. I will play for an hour or so, then when I leave a lobby to switch games it will tell me it is unable to connect to host and I must be signed into XBL or using system link. I am still on XBL, I can download games, message people, etc. If I exit into dashboard then reenter COD4 I have no problems.

I have opened a support ticket with Activision and they basically said..

W3 are t3h win. j00 lose.

Suck it.


Is anyone else experiencing this and if you've found a way to get your points and challenges saved back could you please tell me?


your awesome pal


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