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Lost memory card

LunarbunnyLunarbunny Registered User new member
edited August 2008 in PAX Archive
Ok, I would like to get it back to the real owner, but I'm not giving much information because I want to be sure that I find who it belongs to and not just some random person.

PM me with the following info if you lost a memory card:

Required: Type and size
Req'd: Approx. time lost
Req'd: Device used in
Req'd: Contents, more specific is better
Bonus: Location thought to have been lost
Bonus: Any other information about it that might help assure me that you're the right person

If the owner does manage to contact me about this, then I'll have them send me contact details.

Lunarbunny on


  • GoogalashGoogalash Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    Can you please turn the card into the info booth by registration. They have lost and found stuff.


    Googalash on
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