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THANK YOU! (and some notes!)

Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, ClubPA staff
edited September 2008 in PAX Archive
Hello everyone! I just took a skim through some of the threads, and I wanted to first say THANK YOU for coming to PAX. It was another really amazing experience, one that really emphasized how cool our culture can be, and honestly, it was a real honor to have all of you there. Each of you add to the show and the overall feel to everything, so I'm not kidding when I say I really appreciate your attendance.

That said, no show is without faults, and I do want to address what I can before I head back down for the move-out.

- Obviously we need more space. Without a doubt the majority of the issues that came up were directly related to this. People couldn't get in to certain things, etc- and that was a real bummer for me. The con is definitely about making hard choices, but we hate it when there just isn't enough room to accommodate people. Plus, I'm not sure if we could accommodate even another single person in the space we were given. Next year will definitely see a push into the 6th floor.

- People waiting in line for stuff and not being able to get in. 100% the worst thing that happened at the show, and it really was upsetting (despite most not really complaining much)... because if it were me I know i wouldn't be happy. Next year we're either going to move to ticketing or hard counting of seats for the line. Not being able to get in is one thing... thinking you can get in, waiting for an hour and not getting in is another. I PROMISE I WILL FIX THIS NEXT YEAR.

- More PAX merch - sorry i know we ran out of shirts again. We quadrupled the order from last year and still ran out at 3:30 on saturday. :(

- Directional signs with arrows. We had them in 2007. They were missing this year. I'm sorry. I don't know how it happened, but they got lost, only to be found Sunday night during move-out at 9 PM. <sigh> Completely our fault, sorry.

Anyway, i know there are so many more improvements we can make, and the PAX 2009 Suggestions Thread here is a great place to voice all of your concerns/comments/suggestions. We take every single one seriously, and know perfectly well that we have a long way to go for a perfect event. Every year we learn so much, but the growth always adds new challenges!

Again, thank you everyone for coming!!!

Some guy.
Robert Khoo on


  • ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    No, thank you guys for putting this convention together for all of us, it's the kind of thing I live for. I can hardly comprehend the fact that it's over and I'm at home right now... But that just shows how amazing PAX is! I really noticed the need for even more room as well (I never ran into any problems), but that entire convention center needs to be used next year! However, 2010 is what I really cannot wait for, two PAX's a year, hell yeah!

    Any word on official attendance numbers?

    Coldbrew on
  • PsychoishPsychoish Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Even with all of these things, my first PAX was awesome. It did kinda suck waiting in line and still not getting in, but it's a bit weird to say that I looked forward to waiting in line for something again, since that was the fun part. I'm not sure if that made any sense. It probably didn't, but whatever.

    We were all there just yesterday, but it seems like so long ago already...

    Psychoish on
  • ninjownedninjowned Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Yeah definitely a 'thank you' to everybody that put it on. This was my first PAX and it exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds! Learned so much and got to talk to so many devs... it was just amazing. Already planning to go next year :P

    ninjowned on
  • ViscountalphaViscountalpha The pen is mightier than the sword User regular
    edited September 2008
    Khoo, thanks always.It was a pleasure to see you again and chat. This is where they said 15 million for the area in economic boost.

    I'm sure we broke that. We broke it so hard.

    Sadly, I'm uncertain PAX 2009 is in my future. Only time will tell. Also,

    Space escalators for the moon for pax in 2090.

    Viscountalpha on
  • scharfscharf Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Will there be an official posting on the Omeganaut results?

    scharf on
  • adio92adio92 Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    I have to say that even with the long waits in line and massive crowding it didnt bother me. Like i read in a post in this forum, "Pax is for the gamers that are hardcore into there games, its for the people who like wait in line for a game or hardware when the could simply pick up the game or hardware next day." Half of the fun comes from talking to random people about games. Its the community that keeps me coming and its the community that will keep me coming.

    And i think i speak on behalf of all that went when we say "No, Thank you."

    adio92 on
  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Sadly I didn't get to meet you Khoo, but awesome work. :^: This was my first PAX, and while I barely attended any panels at all I had a blast. I mostly just went for the company of fellow gamers and forumers and it delivered, will be returning next year for sure.

    Infidel on
  • Soda241Soda241 Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Love pax yet again 3 year vet :) It has change each year more and more people! I love it! You guys did a great job try to fit 50k people in there this year :)

    Soda241 on
  • EruditeAphroditeEruditeAphrodite Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Like everyone else above, thank you guys. This was my first PAX and it was f'in amazing. Yeah the lines kinda sucked but everyone there was wonderful so even the waiting wasn't so bad.

    I'm amazed at the caliber of people who attended and feel that everyone who has issues with video games should come and meet some of the nicest, politest, most creative people around.

    EruditeAphrodite on
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  • SpawnOfCthulhuSpawnOfCthulhu Also that Snifit guy. Gig Harbor, WARegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks everyone (Jesus, this is like a broken record)
    PAX was great. I met some new friends, hung around with some forum/IRC people and had a great time in general.
    PAX was excellent this year, but with the faults fixed now, it could be the best Tabletop/PC/Console/Geek convention on the continent.

    Thank you so much, and see you all next year!

    SpawnOfCthulhu on
  • thunderclesethunderclese Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    had a great time. one of the best. thanks so much to everyone.

    if anyone wants to see if they are in any of my snaps, feel free to check out


    thunderclese on
  • fuzzirellafuzzirella Registered User new member
    edited September 2008
    THANK YOU! I had such a great time this year. I loved meeting a lot of you and doing the button exchange! I can't wait for next year!

    fuzzirella on
  • LTAcostaLTAcosta Boston, MARegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Some parts were a bit frustrating... like waiting in line for the keynote... missing it... staying in line for the q&a, and still missing it because nobody left from the keynote... but its okay, I was still getting used to how PAX works, and you guys playing rock band made it all better lol :P

    LTAcosta on
  • RandomfoolRandomfool loofmodnar Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks All! I had an awesome time this year and I'll be back for sure next year.

    Randomfool on
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  • PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    how about a camera in each theater (unattended, just fixed on the stage) with a live feed to one tv outside that theater? it might help a tiny tiny bit, but would really just be a band aid fix. but it's better than nothing. on the same note, a speaker feed into the wait line room of what's going on in the main theater, so we wouldn't miss the start of the fallout presentation or we can just sit outside for the Q&A. Nothing complicated like other unsaid years.

    Also, Khoo, again, thanks for everything and all the hard work you put into it. PAX was amazing and a great success.

    Dem hatas be frontin yo.

    PikaPuff on
  • lordthandalordthanda Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    PAX was wonderful this year. Sadly, I will almost certainly be unable to attend next year, my sister's wedding will be the last weekend of August.
    Khoo, you all did an amazing job this year, and it was a pleasure and an honor to shake your hand.

    lordthanda on
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  • MetaverseNomadMetaverseNomad Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    That's a great idea, PikaaaPuff! And it would be so easy to set up.

    As always, you rock Khoo!

    MetaverseNomad on
  • Agent.NihilistAgent.Nihilist Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thank you Khoo and PA crew, This was my first year - and first Con ever. It was amazing! I'm defiantly looking forward to next year.

    Agent.Nihilist on
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  • contrefaitcontrefait Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    One suggestion, treat the Press better. This may be an event for the rest of us but they're the ones who get the word out to those who aren't even there. I was in the line for the Keynote and there were some press around me. They could not get in after waiting in line for an hour and a half. One said his camera crew was inside but he was not, another had a colleague holding a spot. Both have probably written less then flattering reviews.

    Any press is good press is not true for an event like this.

    contrefait on
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  • dyaballikldyaballikl PAX Main Theatre House & Security Manager • PAX Community Cartographer Gold Coast QLD AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    i really missed getting into a couple of the penny arcade panels, but i got over it, because at any given time at pax, there are 20 other things to do! great show, khoo, and thanks for taking another picture with me this year, you're the best celebrity i ever met!

    dyaballikl on
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  • BlackDragon480BlackDragon480 Bluster Kerfuffle Master of Windy ImportRegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    I'd like to give a big thanks to all the guys at PA for putting on this little shindig.

    My second PAX was just as awesome as the first, although I was a little miffed about not getting into either of the Gabe & Tycho Q&A's there was plenty of other awesome to keep me mesmerized.

    And I'd just like to say to Khoo, you are one daper fellow. I wish I cut as dashing a figure as you do.

    BlackDragon480 on
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  • MonkeyConQuesoMonkeyConQueso No more MH Claw Happy handsRegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thank YOU for addressing pretty much what my and my friend's main concerns were. It sucks that the directional arrows and signs were eaten by a Grue for a period of time, but at least you could still find things. It just took...a while sometimes.

    None-the-less, I had a great time - a better time than I was expecting to be honest. The people really made the event; if they had acted like they were at ComicCons that I've been to in the past, I would have used my 3-day pass for a few hours and said "screw it". That was not the case, and I want to thank you all for attracting some awesome people to this event. I hope '09 is just a bigger-better-same awesomeness event.


    MonkeyConQueso on
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  • Mystral721Mystral721 Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks for all the hard work towards another wonderful year, Robert!
    Every time I turned around I saw you passing by, walking so fast that your "entourage" could barely keep up. Hard to believe you could be in so many places at one time. How may Khoo clones are there, anyway?

    Mystral721 on
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  • NotASenatorNotASenator Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    I saw Khoo walking by on day one and was transfixed.

    Unfortunately, by the time I snapped out of it, the whole thing had ended and a janitor had swept me out the back door.

    Did anything cool happen?

    NotASenator on
  • luxeraluxera Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    This was my first PAX and I did notice the crowding and the long lines at first. But after a while it didn't matter much. So many things going on and so many awesome people! The enforcers did a great job and I had a blast. Will be back for PAX 09.

    luxera on
  • FerquinFerquin Snorlax Renton, WA, USARegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks for addressing the problems of lines and not getting into panels. I look forward to a better PAX next year, and I most certainly will be coming back, so long as it remains here in Seattle.

    Thanks again to Khoo, as well as Gabe and Tycho, and all the staff and volunteers for putting this convention together.

    Ferquin on
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  • DopeskiDopeski Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Saturday night as me and my friends were leaving down the escalator, one of my buddies was saying how awesome and how much fun PAX was (It was his first year), and as I turn my head I see Robert standing right behind us. I don't think he heard my buddy as he looked kind of upset about something, but I thought the timing was hilarious.

    About the lineups in the Exhibition hall, I was surprised that only a couple of games had huge lineups. A lot of the big titles only had 2-3 person waits.

    Great show, hopefully I can stay for all 3 days next year!

    Dopeski on
  • AragornAragorn Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks, Robert Khoo for a fantastic experience and first PAX for myself. I missed PAX in the beginning because of my son being newborn and after that had been in the Military busy until this year. I got plenty of pictures and plan to take way more next year.
    Dressed up for a short time on Sunday in a Zombie costume. I would have been dressed longer as a zombie but I was running on fumes (was there all 3 days) and had an ankle replacement a year ago that was bothering me. Not to mention being that it was my first PAX I wanted more time taking in the show unhindered anymore then I already was.
    Anyways here's a link for my pictures.. a few bad ones but I got a decent amount and most turned out good or better. These are downsized for 17" widescreen monitors but my originals are all 1600x1200. Let me know if you are looking for a particular pic of mine in it's original format.

    Aragorn on
  • Red LegRed Leg Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    My only Khoo sighting was when he kicked me out from my nacho eating stoop on the stairs to take a group photo... The nachos were terrible anyway, so it was cool.

    Great job this year, and I'm glad that you are working on making it better. I know you guys will do just fine and I look forward to many fine PAX's int he future.

    Red Leg on
  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    When I was waiting in the Queue Room Saturday for one of the panels, I remember looking up at the 5th floor offices that overlooked it and pointed it out to my friends.

    "Man, I bet G&T or Khoo got those offices just so they could stand up there and look upon their minions."

    Lo and behold, there he was Sunday afternoon for the Omegathon line!

    Friday after the expo hall opened, my friends also ran into Tycho's mom and other relations at the Hothead booth. According to her, Episode 2 is better than Episode 1.

    ASimPerson on
  • mavrick88mavrick88 Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    the only time I saw khoo was on friday when they took the first group of people to the skybridge and the hallway and he walked through the hallway talking to someone I also saw adam sessler there.

    mavrick88 on
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  • 2VipeRS2VipeRS Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks to everyone that helped to put on this KILLER show! Every panel, booth, game and event I attended made me walk away with a little twinkle in my eye.

    Thank you for bringing my Developers to ME!!!! *Ebil grinZ*

    2VipeRS on
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  • ManitcorManitcor Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks for the awesome show. I know those issues really hurt the experience for me and my fiance particularly since we trekked to Seattle from Boston.

    Overall we did get to play some good games and got a peak at a few of the games we were most interested in (except Fallout, that was a mob scene the entire time). Met some cool folks and had some fun hosting a couple games of Tetris DS in lounge C.

    I suggest doing hard counting of the lines if you must. Doing tickets/wristbands only creates yet another line at another time of the day the people need to stand in/be disappointed about.

    We look forward to going again when PAX East shows up right in our hometown!

    Manitcor on
  • MaoChanMaoChan Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    PAX was awesome, Thanks Khoo!

    MaoChan on
  • EarleyEarley juicyjones Seattle WARegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    What an amazing time. This was my second year, and I still slap myself on the forehead every time I think of the two years prior to 2007 when I knew about PAX but sorta just screwed around and didn't bother to head over. Next year we're bringing an even larger possee, so get ready. And please carpet the concrete rooms. You have no idea what a huge difference that will make on these aching dogs of mine. :)

    Earley on
  • tr0tskytr0tsky Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Add another vote for having some sort of feed/monitors to the line room. Also, some way to fix the main theatre line situation would be nice, but you already mentioned that.

    tr0tsky on
  • VThornheartVThornheart Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thank you for putting on the convention that unites our entire subculture!

    VThornheart on
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  • apotheosapotheos Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited September 2008
    contrefait wrote: »
    One suggestion, treat the Press better. This may be an event for the rest of us but they're the ones who get the word out to those who aren't even there. I was in the line for the Keynote and there were some press around me. They could not get in after waiting in line for an hour and a half. One said his camera crew was inside but he was not, another had a colleague holding a spot. Both have probably written less then flattering reviews.

    Any press is good press is not true for an event like this.

    Can I build on this will have less press?

    I mean I get that blogging is important but for the love of god I saw some total retards abusing media badges like they were a silver spoon.

    apotheos on

  • StarstewStarstew Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Thanks for putting together the event and following up on some of the issues that plagued the show. Speaking of plague, anyone else come down with the conSARS? Guess it's natural to expect some kind of illness to spread like wildfire in a place crowded with people who are, you know, breathing and stuff. Hope it's not germ warfare to wipeout the geeks!

    The lines were my biggest complaint. Not the fact that there were lines, but that there was no way of knowing when to be in line and whether you'd even get in to an event. This really stained my experience of PAX. My future attendance will be contingent on this issue getting fixed.

    Also, I love the idea of handheld lounges... but I found it really hard to get into a game of anything or even stay in Pictochat for more than 3 minutes (dodging wang-doodles the entire time). I assume the Pictochat crashes are a weakness in the DS's firm/hard/software to account for scores of DSs broadcasting and receiving simultaneously. Maybe Nintendo could provide some technical support to mitigate this issue? Might I also suggest that there be some kind of organized looking-for-game message board (analog or digital)? Maybe there was one, I couldn't find it. I saw a white board with crude grafitti on it, but nothing helpful.

    The staff/enforcers I encountered were nothing but helpful, and I appreciate that immensely. Fix the line situation and I'll be back with friends.

    Starstew on
  • tr0tskytr0tsky Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    also...there seemed to be a skyrocketing # of "booth babes" this year. I didn't have a chance to talk to them to find out if they actually knew what they were promoting, but there were just a lot more. Expo hall as a whole just seemed more commercial than I remember from the past 2 years...GPG would give you a beta key for Demigod if you pre-ordered their game there, etc.

    Did the policy get rehashed from last year, or were they all knowledgeable about their games? e.g. the ones at Saints Row?

    tr0tsky on
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