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The Good bands/The bad bands/The bands you might want to see next year?



  • TrainwreckXTrainwreckX Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    Mustin has blessed Dethklok. That's all you should need to hear, Khoo and Co. Make it happen, you have a year. ;)

    <3 everyone involved with making the concerts happen every year. Save for acoustics last year, I've had no complaints! Other then being sick of Frontalot, but that's just an opinion, I know others like him.

    TrainwreckX on
  • PeasantDavePeasantDave Jersey ShoreRegistered User regular
    edited September 2008
    I saw The Protomen earlier this year and they were really entertaining.

    I would love to see more chipmusic next year too.

    I thouroughly enjoyed JoCo and Freezepop.

    PeasantDave on
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