[WAR] Road to WAR, The Promotion Game is on and Heating up!

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Oi Gits! Most of you probably know of Mythic's promotional web based game for Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning, but for those who don't let me explain. Road-To-War is a web game that pits Order and Destruction against each other. The objective for both sides is to win battles and control the world. Sadly the world in this case is limited to US, Canada, and Australia. As of this moment Destruction has been dominating but there have been some moments were Order has shown some significant power so the battle is by no means over! With around 16 days left and upset is still possible in my opinion.

Got Gold?
There are two things of importance, the first is gold. Gold can be allocated to different areas of the UA, Canada, and Australia. There are battles hosted by Mythic which attempt to focus players attention to specific areas. The winning team of these battles receive bonus gold and victory points.

Victory Points?
Oh so you don't know what victory points are? When you receive gold you also receive an equal amount of victory points. Basically the more victory points you have, the more you have contributed to the game. You can't spend them and you cant lose them, but the more you have the better!

So what exactly do you do besides allocate gold?
Well obviously you need to gain gold and victory points. There are many ways to do this.
  • Logging in every day nets you 100g
  • Participating in the daily poll nets you 50g, if someone uses your poll link to vote you gain an additional 50g because of that
  • Recruiting another player who joins your team nets you 500g (hey destruction players if you don't mind, lux782 at gmail dot com)
  • Participate in battles! If you help the battle out you gain the benefits if your team wins, these benefits change from battle to battle
  • There are quests that net you anywhere from 100g to 3000g, these typically last two weeks
  • Collecting heads! If you collect the heads from enemy players you gain 100g for each. There is a 9 per day daily limit but each time someone clicks your heads you also gain 100g so share them!
  • There are other methods but they aren't currently implemented so keep an eye out on the web page!

The winning team gets a special title and in game item for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The item is a never ending bowl of custard and the exact purpose of the item isn't known but you can eat it or throw it at your enemies! Also the top 200 victory point holders and top 10 recruiters for both Order and Destruction will receive a special in game item. The item is a Signet of the Cursed Company, what it does is unknown.

If you post your links for Heads or Polls I'll add them to the list in OP

Shared Heads & Polls
For Destruction Players
For Order Players

Well I hope you are enjoying this mini game as much as I am. I find it is a great way to spend 10 minutes of free time while waiting for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning! See you on the battle field!

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