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    PheezerPheezer Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    Lanz wrote:
    Thanatos wrote:
    Except that, as a moderator and admin you are susposed to be above such petty arguements.

    If a person says "FUCK YOU" to a leader, the leader doesn't get in the persons face and say "FUCK YOU" back. He responds with dignity, and usually manners in a way to denote that he is indeed higher then those who swore at them in the first place.

    The problem is that the leaders here started the chain, and we merely responded as fit. You mods have told us G&Ters oh so many times that we have no opinion in this matter, that we are replaceable, and you've yelled at the top of your lungs "FUCK YOU G&T" right in our face.

    The leaders have to show a level of maturity, and from what i've seen of Tube and many other moderators, i have not seen this, and no longer do i expect it from the moderators.
    I double-checked the Mod Handbook. Nowhere in there does it say "be nice to people who are being shitcocks."

    Also, we're not congressmen; nor are we teachers. We are moderators on an internet forum. If you are seriously expecting a higher level of behavior out of us than you are getting, I suggest you close the browser, shut off the computer, go outside, and re-acquaint yourself with "real life."

    this might be a little off topic, so apologies in advance I don't mean to flame or spark anything, but veering off into more why people do take this so personally, but one may very well to consider the forums part of real life, not much different than sending a letter, calling on the phone, or meeting in the town square.

    That's not a realistic outlook. If you choose to adopt it, we're not going to protect you from the consequences.

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    Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
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    ShimSham wrote:
    Thanatos wrote:
    TheHanku6 wrote:
    Being the leaders of a large community while not showing dignity and maturity in heated debates just because it's online?
    I would like to know what in the world made you think you would find anything resembling "reason" or "maturity" in this place. Have you ever read the comic? Seriously.
    So you're suggesting that, despite being responsible for a large number of things and people considering your position, that is okay to act like comic characters because that is Penny Arcade's main lure?


    We all have limited patience here. I'll note that none of you have taken the time to get on topic and to respond to my request that ya'll post reasons without allusions to the changes in G&T, which leads me to believe that you won't, and that this discussion has become moot. Am I wrong?

    Munkus Beaver on
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    TubeTube Registered User admin
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    As Tube said several pages ago, there are about three [Game On] posts in SE++. One of tem being a FFXI thread, which I happen to be a major contributer to.

    Way back in the day when the game first came out, SE++ folks got together on the Carbuncle server. G&T seems to have congregated on the Pandimonium server, and perhaps a few others.

    The latest FFXI thread was an attempt to get members of the old Carbuncle linkshell back together again. It mostly failed, but Xero and I are still playing.

    In response to the Clique accusations concerning that thread, we have had forumers from other servers stop in on many an occasion in that thread, and we are not telling them to GtFO. We are being cool and chill about the whole thing.

    As for future [Game On] threads in SE++... I have no problem with them going into either SE++ or G&T. I kinda dig Tube's thought about a Cross post sticky in SE++ ruled with an iron fist.

    I have never had a problem with further forum community integration. I enjoy SE++'s "red Headed Step Child" reputation, but it is all in good fun for me.

    In case anyone missed Bri's post.

    This thread is now ludicrously off topic sniping, and I don't think it's doing any of us any favours. I'm locking it. I'm going to address this issue in a later thread, and any misbehaviour will be met with a temp ban. PM box, always open.

    Tube on
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