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PAX 2009 Trading Card Game

LTAcostaLTAcosta Boston, MARegistered User regular
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*Note* This project is still in the very early stages, and detailed information is lacking.

What Its All About

Basically this idea spawned in the button trading thread due to Darkphibre trading cards this year in exchange for buttons. Some people didn't consider him a legit trader because he "brought cards to a button fight." But as always, us Arcadians know how to bring the bright side out of anything.
But it does bring up a neat idea. I would LOVE it if we could all make our own Magic: The Gathering cards of ourselves and trade those! I imagine it's not possible, but if it somehow was that'd be really neat! (Like to get the proper cardstock and all of that, and get them printed at an affordable price)

It'd be awesome to put together a "PAX Forumer" deck =)

And so it began, the wheels were set in motion by our very own Bioware Minion, and many of us jumped on board to make ourselves a card game. Ideas began to flood the button thread of games that would involve both cards and buttons, but eventually settled on the fact that they would have to be separate. Moe got a whiff of this and immediately began to take the reigns and point this idea toward the direction of success.

So this is where we stand. Just a bunch of ideas ready to be followed through with. We still have plenty of time to do this, but I thought I would make this thread to have a more organized place to store and discuss this topic, and to keep from spamming up the button thread.

Shows Interest:
*Just so we can get a general idea of whether or not this will be successful, post here to let us know if you would be interested in participating.
-Moe Fwacky

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    LTAcostaLTAcosta Boston, MARegistered User regular
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    Idea Pool

    *I will gather all ideas from the button thread and place them here for easy access

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    Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Right Here, Right Now Drives a BuickModerator mod
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    Um, LT, we've been working on this behind the scenes and already have a plan going here. If you could wait until the project is fleshed out before threads start getting made, that would be great.

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