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SPORE! & Antispore...

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Sorry for this being kinda unrelated to PAX and all, but I figured it should be noted here. Also let me know if the thread name should be changed, that's just what came off the top of my head. :P

Check the link to see the page that's so full of fail, and read my thoughts on the whole thing which is in the spoiler, if you desire.
This [imo] is pretty much the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. The people who run this site look at Will Wright as the fucking anti-Christ, they probably think Spore is going to convert religions and destroy the world... They don't like the thought of evolution, they don't want kids playing God, and apparently they don't want kids to be creative, which is what the game's all about. I honestly think these people are worse then Jack Thompson. Don't get me wrong, I respect people trying to keep "mature games/content" away from children and minors, but not when they go this far. They show a lot of mature user generated content to help support their "cause," but I think there's something they don't realize, that being the fact that there's more then one way to stop the game from sending you content from other players' games, so all you get is your own creations and those that come from Maxis. PROBLEM SOLVED! ... Well, except for the evolution, creative, and "anti-Christian" aspects that make Spore what it is... Yes, that's quoted because that's what they believe... If you can stand going onto Myspace, you can navigate to my blog from my page.

So sorry for rambling, and again for off topic-ness, but I figured some of you would be interested in seeing it. Thoughts? Comments? Complaints?

Oh, and if you go to that site, read the comments on the posts. I lol'ed many times. XD

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    If you really want to talk about this, come to the Spore thread in G&T.

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