Open Invite Game Fest 9/30 (OKC)

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Yeah, this is probably the longest type of long shot, but there may be someone here in the OKC area...

I'm hosting an open-invite gaming gathering (part of the "Super Fantastic Gaming Hour" monthly get-togethers) at my house this Saturday, 9/30, at 1pm. These type of things usually last into the wee hours of the morning.

Games to be played include random stuff out of my collection (numbering 430-some), with a MAJOR focus on Euro/German/"Good" board games, as well as games that everyone brings. The last time I hosted one of these, we had 20 people in attendance. I'll be cooking a big ol' pot of chili, and if you're coming, feel free to bring a snack or drinks or whatever.

Want more info? PM me. :)

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