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Salvaging files with Knoppix

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So among other issues that have recently cropped up, one of my hard drives has started to enter its death throes, doing things like causing BSODs in Windows XP whenever an executable is run. It's under warranty and will be RMA'd, but before that I need to get some files off of it.

Now I have a Knoppix Live CD (well, a BitDefender version of it since the standard version doesn't like my DVD drive and can never load up the Knoppix file system) that has CaptiveNFTS, but I need a way to get the NFTS drivers accessible to it. It doesn't recognize my network card so I can't just use the option to download the files and since it locks out the DVD-ROM drive, I can't just pop in my Windows CD either.

I'm thinking of doing something like running Ubuntu through VMware, formatting an old flash drive to a Linux readable format, and then copying the files needed over and hoping that Knoppix will be able to read said flash drive. But I'm not familiar enough with Linux to know if this will work and what file system I should use for this purpose.

And if anyone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears.

Edit: Looks like the latest version of Knoppix doesn't crap out on my computer and has built in NFTS support. So this is solved.

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