Crysis & Crysis Warhead memory leak, erratic FPS

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I just got Crysis Warhead and noticed it has the same memory leak and weird and random FPS drops that Crysis vanilla did on this same machine. Literally every other game works perfectly, but Crysis has always had an issue with maintaining FPS and generally giving me a lot of problems with performance. Playing at all High settings, and I know the settings arent the problem because I tried lowering it to the lowest and it had the exact same problem.

The reason I call it a memory leak is because after I finish a level, when the next one starts, the FPS drops drastically, but when I quit the game and start it again, it's fine. The erratic FPS is just like random little spots in the map where the FPS drops to like 1 or 2 fps but then goes back to 40 when I look in a slightly different direction.


intel core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00ghz
Nvidia 9800gx2 1gb
4 gb DDR3 RAM
Windows Vista 64 bit

Have all the latest drivers and updates for every part, so i'm curious if anyone might know what the problem might be or if anyone else has encountered a similar problem.

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    The Black HunterThe Black Hunter The key is a minimum of compromise, and a simple, unimpeachable reason to existRegistered User regular
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    Play it in DX9

    It's how I play crysis on my computer

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    DaemonionDaemonion Mountain Man USARegistered User regular
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    Try running in WinXP compatibility mode, maybe?

    Good luck!

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