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Quick advice for OS X and viruses?

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This is probably stupid, but I feel better if someone with more experience might be able to comment.

At work I rely on an OS X 10.5.5 based macbook. Due to the way things are regulated here at work, every machine has to have Symantec AntiVirus. Yes, I know that's a terrible idea, particularly on macs, but I don't make the rules.

Anyhow, I just received a very terse message from the Symantec program, claiming something like, 'Archive op0CAT1 was found to be infected and was repaired successfully'. Since I wasn't doing anything but browsing a news site, this made me concerned (I wasn't downloading archives, that's for sure). I tried to see more, to dig up a log file or something, but all I can find is the history, which says nothing more than "Location - opr0CAT1: opr0CAT1" and "Virus: Downloder" with "Status: Not repaired".

I'm a little concerned that SAV would say repair was successful, but the history says it wasn't repaired. Moreover, I can't find any archive named opr0CAT1 at all, anywhere. Since it's a mac, I know I shouldn't be too concerned, but on occasion I move files from this machine to my home PC, so I don't know if this is cause for alarm.

Does anyone know how to find more verbose log files for the virus logs in SAV on OS X? Or if this is anything to worry about spreading around, since I don't know what the hell was up with this phantom log file BS? Thanks.

Edit: This seems to be something to do with the new article I was reading from alternet (purposefully not linking it here), and is stored somewhere in the Opera Cache. According to Opera's advice, it's nothing to worry about. But I still find it unnerving, and would appreciate any advice.

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