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    Yeah, I've left the door open, gone to the dorm events, joined a couple of clubs, etc...
    I'm just kind of socially retarded and find the action of initiating conversation kind of terrifying.

    ...and there's your problem.

    You could join 5000 damn clubs and go to 5000 events and if you don't talk to a single person, well, of course it's going to be hard to make friends!

    Where's the magic in making friends?

    Talking to them first!

    You don't have social anxiety or anything, do you? If you are indeed "socially retarded", it's probably of a result of just.....not talking to people! Find somebody somewhat unintimidating, and just start chattin' it up with them....about anything. You're in class? Talk about the assignment. The teacher, the school, what classes they're taking, what you've heard about the class, the teacher, the school, your major, the weather, the art supply store, how their prices suck, and have you found a better place to buy acrylic, and speaking of, do you know of a good brand to buy? etc etc etc etc etc

    I must lawl, for this has made me do hence

    Actualllllllly I usuallly type slightly normal its just that I rage on these forums all the time due to I dont know

    nothing about this post made any sense

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