i need some justification to get back into pc gaming, please!



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    krylon666krylon666 Registered User regular
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    on the HD streaming note, i wouldn't worry about being able to transcode the shit on the fly - as that does take a good deal of CPU and causes the movie to be buffered (and therefore FF/RW is kinda lame). you can convert MKV files into a format that the 360 can stream (like via TVersity or whatever) and there will be no loss of video quality - it doesn't touch the video file at all. i've used it and the results are great

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    steve-o99steve-o99 Registered User regular
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    the two steps to happiness are:

    1. buy stuff on NewEgg.com
    2. play Team Fortress 2 on PC

    Anyone can do it.

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    The_Scarab wrote:
    seriously im worried. these are truly the end of days. duke nukem forever is coming out, and the best nintendo ds game on the horizon is a sonic the hedgehog rpg by bioware.
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    shadydentistshadydentist Registered User regular
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    Ugh, never buy hardware at best buy. I see graphics cards, hard drives, and RAM ridiculously marked up.

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    vegas-stevenvegas-steven Registered User regular
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    riiiight. I should point out without sounding overly defensive that the only thing I would purchase at BB or CC would be software- and even the frye tends to beat themwith tons of different mail in rebate and instant rebate promotions.

    I went to frys just today to look at prices of components and this is what I said I wanted:

    -socket 770 intel board
    -2 PCI experess slot s
    -an intel quad core CPU
    -a video card that will hold out for up to 2 years of gaming

    This is what he recommended:

    -gigabyte ep45t-dsr3 mobi which runs a 1600 MHz bus $174
    -intel 9450 2.66 ghz CPU quad core $269
    -radeon 9870 card $300
    -4 gig ram (unsure price for 1600mhz ram)
    -7200 rpm drive since I do video and photos/graphics $150

    Looking ok?

    I may post this in the build thread as well

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    SoggychickenSoggychicken Registered User regular
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    I built my new machine last month. Here are the specs for you to reference:

    Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Pro
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 8400
    Vid Card: Palit Radeon 4850
    Memory: 2x2GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400
    Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar 600GB 7200RPM
    Power Supply: Corsair TX650W
    Case: Antec Three Hundred

    This setup cost me $950CDN after shipping. I shopped around a bit and got the parts from three different sites. I bet it'll be easier for you since you can use NewEgg.

    BioShock runs smooth as butter on max details at 1280x1024. Crysis Warhead got a little choppy at that resolution but runs great at 1024x768 with max everything.

    Things to look out for when you choose your part:

    1) If you plan to have 4 or more gigs of memory, you need a 64-bit OS. Your best bet is Vista x64.

    2) GET A GOOD POWER SUPPLY! Don't just look at the watt rating because a higher number doesn't mean better quality. Read reviews online and stick with well-known brands.

    3) You probably don't need a quad core processor unless you'll be doing some intensive data crunching.

    It really isn't that hard putting a computer together. All you need is one part common sense, one part patience, and one part of RTFM (read the fucking manual). It will save you some money and make you become more tech literate. The only downside that I can think of is you won't have 24 hr tech support from Dell or something. Seeing as you are internet savvy enough to find your way here though, you should have no problem fixing things yourself with the help of your friend Google.

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    vegas-stevenvegas-steven Registered User regular
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    true... the last time i built a pc it was like, 2002. long time huh?

    I want the quad core because i know that more apps are going to be taking advantage of the tech in the future. photoshop in particular, and video editing suites.

    as long as my games look decent on my big 60 inch HD... and those resolutions should look ok. better than an xbox 360.

    btw... how is that exchange rate in canada now. my father said on electronics it was terrible. they didnt adjust it with the actual bank rates so things just cost more there electronics wise.

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