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Working on a Hitachi 53UWX10BA TV

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The convergence on my television is horribly out of whack, I'm not sure what caused this but there is also random RGB separation that occurs when the TV is first turned on (it kind of flickers and bends in its shape, but eventually returns to something more normal).

You can do manual convergence on these kinds of TVs, and I've done it once before, but when I exited the process I forgot to do the procedure correctly and now I can't access manual convergence without hitting a tiny blue button inside of the TV. This actually requires unscrewing some of the front panels and looking at the insides.

I've always been lead to believe that CRT televisions are rather dangerous. Is there any way for someone with no experience to safely discharge one? I've read things like "keep it unplugged over night and you'll be fine" but that doesn't instill confidence at all. I just need somebody to get in there and push that blue button and things will be hunky dory, but I'm not about to risk my life over it.

Is there maybe a cheap method I could get a repair man out here to do it? Hitachi has a hotline for service issues but I doubt they would let me get away with a small bill. Any general TV repair men in the DFW area with decent rates would be nice, I don't know of any myself.

Other advice as it relates to working on a TV/this specific model is welcome too, of course. Thanks for all the help!

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