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HP Pavilion sound issue

Ebz123Ebz123 Registered User
edited October 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
My girlfriend has a HP Pavilion tx 2530 and when she plays music or DVDs she gets a crackling noise. This happens through internal and external speakers and from discs and the library. So it seems to be something to do with the processor choking. I've noticed this on a different Pavilion laptop as well. Any suggestions?

OS: Vista
Processor: AMD Turio X2 ZM-80 2.10 GHz
Ram: 2 x 1024 MB

Ebz123 on


  • Pure DinPure Din Boston-areaRegistered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Okay, I'm also interested in this. Both my roommates also have HP Pavillion laptops with sound issues. One has a dv2000t(I think) which has the exact same problems as your gf's computer. (Hers has an intel processor, less ram, and XP so I dunno if the problem is related to any of these.) My other roommate has had her dv97000 for less than two months and already both of the two headphone jacks are broken; they won't work with any of our headphones or speakers in our apartment, and she's tried reinstalling the drivers and some other stuff and nothing has worked yet. :\

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