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Mouse driver problems

JutranjoJutranjo Registered User regular
Recently a roommate's PC refused to acknowledge his mouse, so among other things we tried hooking it up to my PC. It was a USB one with extra buttons that were bound to different things such as opening My Documents, etc. by default. He goes on to fix his problems and get back to a working mouse.

My mouse is a 3 button USB one from Logitech that I normally have connected to the PS/2 port. I accidentally plug it in the USB port and start the PC. Windows tried finding drivers, I wasn't expecting anything to be wrong, so I just let it do it. Then I notice it's a bit slow, so I go fix that. Now whenever I hit the middle mouse button it opens My Documents and I can't get universal scroll to work as an option. I've hooked it back into the PS/2 port now but I think I only wrecked the drivers more by doing that. I can't close tabs and open links in new tabs in Firefox for example, or get the middle mouse button to get registered as an input in games.

During one driver uninstall, the mouse started working perfectly normally, like it did before, but after Windows restarted, it went back to a non working middle mouse button.

Any way to just clean all the drivers for it or some other fix? I've searched around on Google and the only thing I've found is that I should switch what the middle mouse button does in the mouse settings, but that doesn't work.

Thanks in advance guys.

Jutranjo on
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