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[GAME FOUND] Help me name an arcade game - Vertical Shmup w/Airbikes, Cash System

PeregrineFalconPeregrineFalcon Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Games and Technology
[strike]Arcade game from the late 80's early 90's, if I remember correctly.

Vertically scrolling shmup, but instead of planes, you controlled a guy on an airbike (think the speeder bikes from Star Wars).

Control scheme was the standard stick + two buttons, but the stick itself could be rotated around a third axis to change the angle at which you fired your secondary weapon, like Ikari Warriors, Midnight Resistance, or any of the other games like that. Default secondary weapon was a throwing knife of some sort, I think, and I remember being able to fling the bombs/fireballs as well.

Weapon upgrades - Instead of grabbing magical floating red/green/blue powerups, the enemies you killed dropped money in 1-5-10-etc increments, and there were various front-mounted and handheld weapons sitting on rooftops. To get one, you moved over it, and assuming you had the cash, you paused for a moment, the new weapon got attached, and off you went. This might have been a CAPCOM game, and it might have been the ubiquitous "Zenny" currency, but that hasn't led me to it yet.

I've pounded KLOV for ages whenever this game crosses my mind, but I've never found it again. So I turn to you, PA. The nexus of gamers and the useless knowledge we hold hostage.

Find this game.
Complete the puzzle.



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