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Season 2 of Bones

PasserbyePasserbye I am much older than Beach CityRegistered User regular
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So I'm watching the TV series Bones online (Hulu is useful) but they don't have season 2. I tried searching for other legal online venues which had it (such as FreeTV) and none of them seem to be working, either because the episodes have been taken down or for some other reason I can't fathom. I've used both Google Chrome and Firefox for the ones I can't fathom, but they're still not working. Thus, two questions:

Does anyone know where I can reliably watch season 2 online (legally, not looking for downloads so no more PMs about that, thanks)?
Why doesn't Hulu have season 2?

Thank you in advance.

Passerbye on


  • skyybahamutskyybahamut Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    I'm with you I have no idea why hulu is not on that, and also they only have a smattering of season 3 eps. So far all of the season 4 eps have been released.

    I have become a fan of the show via Hulu too. The Internet demands answers!

    skyybahamut on
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