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Let's Play Baldurs Gate part one: Cuthbert Begins

VicVic Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Games and Technology
Welcome to this Let's Play of Baldurs Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast


I'll begin by quoting Wikipedia:
Baldur's Gate is a computer role-playing game in a high fantasy setting, developed by BioWare and released in 1998 by Interplay Entertainment. It is one of the premier single-player titles in the history of the computer role-playing genre. Some have even claimed that Baldur's Gate revived the computer role-playing game (CRPG) genre, which was struggling at the time. While other games had already rekindled interest in the CRPG genre, notably Fallout in 1997 and the action-oriented Diablo in 1996 (which has sold 2.5 million copies), the praise for Baldur's Gate is particularly significant because of its successful implementation of AD&D rules into a video game.

This is my first attempt at a Let's Play, so be gentle. I will be playing as a chaotic neutral half-orc berserker named Cuthbert, and I will be using the following mods:
NPC Kits
BG1 NPC Project
Sword coast stratagem

The theme of the Let's Play will be oddball characters. Baldurs Gate has a staggering 25 NPC's that can join your group, most of which are overlooked by the average player. I will attempt to meet and interact with most of these, while avoiding grouping with the most commonly used ones. This means that I will not be playing with the following NPCs: Minsc, Boo, Dynaheir, Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira and Edwin. I have been taking some liberties with the remaining characters, for example by making Kivan an archer and Faldorn an avenging druid by using the NPC Kits mod. My intended final party will consist of the following characters: Eldoth the blade, Faldorn the avenging druid, Kivan the archer, Qoayle the cleric/illusionist and Skie the swashbuckler. Any suggestions of change to this list will of course be considered.

I'll post the first part sometime tonight. Comments and feedback will be much appreciated!

Man, this is going to be so much work...

Vic on


  • RamiRami Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Are you going to use Xan? You should use Xan.

    You may as well save yourself the effort of playing the game and just lay down and die.

    Rami on
    Steam / Xbox Live: WSDX NNID: W-S-D-X 3DS FC: 2637-9461-8549
  • langfor6langfor6 Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    I was confused by the title. I thought you were just going to play through the expansion.

    langfor6 on
  • VicVic Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Rami wrote: »
    Are you going to use Xan? You should use Xan.

    You may as well save yourself the effort of playing the game and just lay down and die.

    I'll certainly pick him up. I don't expect him to last long though, since at that point Montaron will still be in the group. Let's just say I won't be surprised if he gets found dead in our camp with multiple stab wounds within a day or two.

    Vic on
  • LeztaLezta Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Love me some Baldurs Gate. Looking forward to this.

    Lezta on
  • The_ScarabThe_Scarab Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Calling it now, you'll never finish this let's play. IIRC there have been about a dozen LPs on the SA forums that have no finished. Baldur'S Gate has a curse on it for let's plays. It's just too damn long.

    On the other hand, god speed sir, and good luck.

    The_Scarab on
    scarab you have mental problems
  • BurguBurgu Registered User
    edited October 2008
    I just don't think the game is entertaining enough to watch. The game is awesome as fuck to play, but just doesn't lend itself well to screen shots or video because there is so much down time in those games.

    Good luck though!

    Burgu on
  • GaruGaru Registered User
    edited October 2008
    I heartily recommend taking Tiax along. Stat wise he is awful, but he has my favorite banter. He also hates Quayle, which can be amusing if you don't mind the occasional reload.

    "Tiax does as ye will, but one day... BOOM! He rules! Heh-heh."

    Garu on
  • VicVic Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    I figured this would practically be a new half-time job. I did not expect it to be a new full-time job.

    With that whining out of the way, let's see if I managed to write all my damn code correctly. Photobucket had better be working. There will undoubtedly be typos, but I will try to fix them as soon as possible.

    Part one: Cuthbert Begins

    In which Cuthbert leaves his home, meets two new friends and loses all that he loves.

    Meet Cuthbert:
    Likes: Long walks on the beach, axes, kittens and axes.

    Dislikes: Bears, crippling pain and the authorities.

    Enough of that, onto the story!

    Cuthbert has spent his entire life within the confines of Candlekeep, studying under Gorion and causing mischief. Now he has been told to pack his things and get ready to travel. Life is about to hit Cuthbert, and it has got spikes on it.


    Lets get on with it. First order of business is to buy supplies, and by supplies I mean axes. To the alehouse/weapon shop!


    Oh Winthrop, you are such a card. One axe, one suit of plate mail and one large shield thanks!

    What was that?


    Turns out I can't afford a whole kit even if I settle with Splint mail, the best armour this disgrace of an arms dealer has to offer. After some pleading I'm forced to settle with the axe and armour, the shield will have to wait. As for getting the rest of the money, surely there is someone in this town that needs some errands run?


    Jackpot! I hardly have to walk five steps to find the first citizen in need of aid. The scroll is quickly fetched and returned. Reward time!


    Protection from evil? Very thoughtful Firebeard, that'll sure be useful if I get attacked by any evil monsters within the next ten seconds.

    Well, no luck there. Moving outside I meet a desperate dame looking for her book. That's a start, anyway.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- House check, any side quests in here?


    Assassins! The man attacks me with a knife, but he is clumsy and hardly any threat so I try to lay him out with a backhand blow with my axe.


    Instead I manage to hit him so hard he explodes, splattering the room with gore. Shit! Okay, stay calm. No one saw me go in here. If I just walk out of here calmly...


    Phew, safe. Parda seemed to accept my story... wait, where is he going? Don't go in... dammit.


    I forgot that's his house.

    Alright, I'm getting the hell out of here. Better get working on those sidequests.


    Who the hell leaves their books in hay bales?


    Alright, quest two done. I had better work fast, Parda might be fetching the guards right now. I had better do a montage.




    Rat killing!


    Sword fetching!


    More exploding assassins!

    Alright, that's probably enough.

    The gate guard gave me an antidote potion I was supposed to give to the cow. Well screw that, I'm keeping this for myself, who knows what I'm going to face outside of Candlekeep? Scorpions, snakes, poisonous bears, it's a dangerous world out there. Time to buy my shield and get out of this joint anyway.

    While heading over to Gorion from the inn I bump into Imoen, my childhood friend and constant and annoying companion.


    imoen.jpgImoen- Little one? I'm not much younger than you, though you sure got tall fast. Relatively, anyway. A journey, eh? I never get to travel. Wish I could go with ya. Yep, I really wish I could. Yessir. Really do.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- There is no way you can come. Gorion would never allow it.

    imoen.jpgImoen- Oh I know. Old stick-in-the-mud that he is, all worried about nothing, I'm sure. Better go now, 'cause you've got a long ways to travel... not... not that I would know, especially since I didn't peek at old Mr. G's private letters. No sir. Better go now, byebye.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- Hmm.

    Vic on
  • VicVic Registered User regular
    edited October 2008

    gorion.jpgGorion- Candlekeep is indeed a formidable obstacle for ne'er-do-wells, but it is not insurmountable. No matter how thick the mesh, at least one mosquito always finds its way through. No my child, we must leave as soon as possible, for our safety, and for that of our friends here.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- Right, I'm ready to go.

    We leave the city at nightfall...


    gorion.jpgGorion- Let's hurry child. The night can only get worse so we must find shelter soon...

    gorion.jpgGorion- ...Wait, we are not alone. We are in an ambush... prepare yourself!


    gorion.jpgGorion- You are a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt

    sarevok.jpgArmored Figure- I'm sorry that you feel that way, old man.

    A fierce battle breaks out. Gorion fights valiantly, but there can only be one outcome...




    Daddy! :(

    I hide away in the brushes until daylight comes.

    Morning finally arrives, and I know that I must get moving. As I find my way back to the road I meet a familiar face.


    imoen.jpgImoen- I... accidentally... read a letter on his desk the other day. Can't remember exactly what it said, but he might still have, it might be on his... his body. Anyway, I'm not gonna let you wander around out here all alone. Never let a friend down, no sir! Stick with you until you say otherwise, I will!


    imoen.jpgImoen- Don'tcha even know what attacked you? Whatever it was, looks like it was vicious.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- I can't remember much about last night... or... much about the attacker. But I remember that he... that it spoke.

    imoen.jpgImoen- So ya remember what it said?

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- Not really, just that it wanted to kill me.

    imoen.jpgImoen- That seemed obvious, from what you've said earlier.

    imoen.jpgImoen- *shrugging her shoulders and grinning* Well, we'll just have ta deal with 'em when they come again, but this time, it'll be their bodies rottin' in the sun.

    I find a letter on Gorion's body, mysteriously signed “E”. It is a warning that “The other side” is about to move, and instructs Gorion that he must flee. It suggests seeking aid from travellers along the way for protection and help. Good advice, but I wish I knew who it came from. The letter did not save Gorion's life, but I guess it saved mine. It also mentions that two friends of Gorion are staying at the Friendly Arms Inn. He was supposed to rendezvous with them there, and perhaps they can offer me some information.

    I resolve to head towards the Friendly Arm Inn as quickly as I can.


    As we head back to the road we are attacked by Gibberlings, small bluish creatures. They are no match for my axe.

    Soon we are back on track, and turning a corner Imoen and I get a pleasant surprise. The road trip has only just started and already we are meeting new and interesting people!


    montaron.jpgMontaron- And ye look a bit scuffed, too. A fine pair of troubles all your own.

    xzar.jpgXzar- Indeed. I can offer you healing potions, if you wish, as a token of good will.

    imoen.jpgImoen- Psst, Cuthbert, the mage speaks like he's layin' honey on bread, but I dunno, I don't like his eyes a single bit!

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- I'd be grateful for any assistance.

    xzar.jpgXzar- Nothing to fear from these simple potions, and I'll not even hold you in debt, though your conscience knows otherwise.

    montaron.jpgMontaron- Just like all good people.

    xzar.jpgXzar- Perhaps as payment you would go with us to Nashkel. It is a troubled area and we mean to investigate some troubling rumours surrounding the mine. Some acquaintances are very concerned about the iron shortage. Specifically, where to lay blame in the matter. You'll be useful, though I will not hold you to it. We are to meet the major of the town, a man named Berrun Ghastkill, I believe.

    montaron.jpgMontaron- Your conscience be your guide.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- I would join with you, but I must meet someone first. Perhaps you will go with me?

    xzar.jpgXzar- We've precious little time, but it's best to travel accompanied.

    imoen.jpgImoen- I don't like the looks of these two jokers, Cuthbert. Nope. I don't. Not at all.

    imoen.jpgImoen- Let's get to the Friendly Arm Inn soon, huh? I'd like to have some people I can trust travelling with us.

    montaron.jpgMontaron- Aye, we'll go wit ye. Ye owe us fer our time though.

    What nice people! With my new friends beside me, suddenly I'm not feeling quite as exposed as before. Now four of us we resume the trip, but just a couple of hours down the road we meet another stranger.


    imoen.jpgImoen- Heh, I... or do I need ta say “Ti”? I mean if “you” is “thou”... or was it “thee”? Uhm, in any case I'm not desperate and deranged. I'm excited! I am going to be a famous adventurer, like Elminister!

    Old Man- *smiles from behind his moustache* Thou art a spirited girl, Imoen. Now what of thy companion?

    imoen.jpgImoen- Wait, wait! How d'ya know my name?

    Old Man- One can acquire such knowledge in more ways than one, child. But let the quiet one speak.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert- A fair bit of desperate, actually. Might you know the way to the Friendly Arm Inn? I was told I might find some friends there.


    After the encounter with the old man Imoen decides to scout ahead for a while. I fear she does not like our new companions, but I know she will take to them soon enough. Who could hate Montaron?

    I am brought out of my thoughts by a scream ahead. It sounds like Imoen.


    When we get to her it is already too late. I lose myself to berserker rage.


    When the red rage finally settles I am standing in a circle of dead bodies.

    Imoen is not breathing. I can't get her to wake up.


    I bury her out in the woods by a large stone. As I carve her name into the rock, I find a glimmering ring that I toss over to Xzar. Rain begins to fall as I finish my work and kneel to say my last words to her.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert: Oh Imoen, I hardly knew ye.

    montaron.jpgMontaron: I thought ye said you two grew up together.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert: Uh, right.

    cuthbert.jpgCuthbert: Imoen, you were the truest friend one could hope for. Rest in peace.

    xzar.jpgXzar: I still don't see why I can't turn her into a zo-OUCH.

    montaron.jpgMontaron: Aye, as you were saying she was a true and honest friend. Yer lucky to have met us, lad, else ye would have been all alone in this dangerous world. We'll look after ye. That we will.

    End of part one

    That's it for the first part. It took a lot of effort and turned out huge. I am not sure if this is the format I will end up sticking to, ideas on how to do things differently are welcome.

    Vic on
  • VicVic Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Uhm, how do I change the thread title again?

    Vic on
  • TylerbroorTylerbroor Registered User
    edited October 2008
    I fucking hate candlekeep. It doesn't even yield that much experience, but I do every side quest every fucking time. Stupid Hull. Stupid Dreppin. I don't give a fuck about Nessie.

    You should pick up the Dwarf in beregost with 20 constitution. He's a champ.

    I never thought about it, but it would have been awesome to make Brage a NPC after saving him. Or Bassilus if you were evil.

    Tylerbroor on
  • HelloweenHelloween Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Vic wrote: »
    Uhm, how do I change the thread title again?

    Go to 'edit' in your first post. Then 'go advanced'.

    You can change it from there :)

    Helloween on
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