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  • SaammielSaammiel Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    Zzulu wrote: »
    white lions also got buffed pretty hard

    more specificlly, the lion might be able to actually deal damage now <3

    We'll see the magnitude of the changes. If it is a lot then yeah. But they bug fixed blindside, even though our damage abilities are almost universally worse than our mirror. Granted, it shouldn't have been behaving how it was, but an effective DPS nerf combined with an actual DPS nerf on the same ability makes me a sad panda. I'd rather they fix the damage formula and increase the base damage. I mean its a signature move on a 5s timer, so I don't think it would be terribly unfair.

    The anytime snare on a 5s CD is so good though I might be willing to overlook anything else. There are still a lot of issues with WLs though they have yet to address. So in summary for WLs IMO...

    The Good:
    • Snare is no longer tied to our semi-retarded lion, can actually catch people who have the audacity to run
    • Roots are less powerful overall
    • Morale abilities won't make me want to hurl my keyboard across the room
    • Pet may not just be a liability

    The Bad:
    • I foresee every WL speccing guardian. Trained to hunt is still largely worthless, didn't see any Pounce fixes to actually make it work, and disables are key. Axeman got its core ability nerfed and bug fixed, which makes the damage lackluster. Additionally any pet buff makes Guardian relatively more powerful due to the ability spread on our trains.
    • RDPS DoTs increased? and HoTs decreased? WTF.
    • No bug fixes for pounce?

    The Maybe:
    • Still doesn't look like we are at parity with our mirror, but I guess we will see. Hopefully the pet now allows us to actually perform our role better.

    My witch hunter is going to be ambivalent as well. They took my bread and butter bullets and moved them to 35. So now my spec is all messed up until I can hit that level. I guess it addresses the heal debuff disparity though, so I am willing to go with it. They didn't really do anything to prevent Absolution spam however. If anything they simply magnified its power. So no sane WH is going to do anything but spam ultra powerful Absolutions. Basically it will likely decrease spec diversity even if it helps the damage difference vis-a-vis WEs. Also, they nerfed the most worthless sigil, which is weird.

    Saammiel on
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