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DVD Dual Layer burning problems (Mac User)

AuburnTigerAuburnTiger Registered User regular
Ok, so I wasn't sure where to put this because it may be both a hardware and a software problem, but here goes.

First, some basic info. I have a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook. I'm currently running 10.5.4, and have 2 GBs of RAM.

Anyway, I only have a DVD/CD R/RW drive (no burner), but I bought a LACIE external DVD burner a couple of years ago that has served me well for burning backups of films or data discs or whatever. Now that DVD DLs are a bit more affordable I've been wanting to make some data discs.

Now my LACIE burner DVD -R, +R, RW, as well as R DL and +R DL (all of these are clearly marked on the front. I've bought Memorex DVD +R DLs, and that's what I'm using.

Toast Titanium 9 is my DVD burning program. I set the dvd to DVD DL, my write speed to 2x, and everything works fine. It always writes to 100 percent then starts writing the lead out or whatever.

Then I get this message:

"The drive reported an error:
Sense key = medium error
Sense Code = 0x02
No Seek Complete"

Then after I hit enter, it says "The disc failed to be written."

But then, it says your disc is complete and tells me to label it. The weird thing is I can take the dvd out, delete the files on my HD that I've just copied, and put the dvd back in to the external drive and the disc works perfectly fine.

However, it WILL NOT read in my internal drive. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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    LoneIgadzraLoneIgadzra Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Has no bearing on your problem most likely, but 10.5.5 is the latest.

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