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Wii Music - forever insulting your hardcore soul

GuekGuek Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Games and Technology
Like it or lump it, it's coming. IT'S COMING...and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Wii Music is the most recent brainchild of the man that can do no wrong, Miyamoto. Only now, with the advent of Wii Music upon us, there are many who feel that their hardcore genitals are suddenly in danger. I, along with most others, laughed at their pitiable E3 showing and wept, shamefaced, at what were the first since of nintendo's inevitable abandonment of the "gamer."

Well, it's been a few months, we've stowed away our damp handkerchiefs, and sobered up to the realization that we were idiots. At least when it came to nintendo's abandonment of the hardcore crowd. I'd say the October conference took care of that.

But Wii music is still upon us, and it is the preeminent piece of software in nintendo's weak holiday lineup. The first reviews are coming in and...and...they're not all bad!

1up gave the game an A-
Wii Music may have a hard time winning over the skeptics who just want to laugh at it, but give the game the chance it deserves. You just might realize it's pretty damn fun being in on the joke.

Then again, those venerable gods of gaming over at IGN smote it good with an embarassing [url=[/url].
I think most adults will quickly recognize that Wii Music is little more than a noise maker tied to a series of gestures and grow bored of the experience in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

The videos they've put up are downright terrifying.

Personally, I'm not convinced either way. My opinion of the game has risen after watching the videos posted below, but I don't believe the game is worth the asking price. I made this thread because I think the game deserves to be discussed and to inform people who may not know exactly what the game is all about. I think we should all at least give it a chance. We owe Miyamoto that much, right? :P

Here's a GREAT demonstration of the game that everyone should watch all the way through:

A really cool rendition of the zelda theme:

*A really really glowing editorial by Stephen Totilo*. It really should be read.

A shit ton of ngaf posters eating crow

an interesting editorial

and a basic preview by cvg

Guek on


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