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Design/Architecture question ITT

AmiguAmigu Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
I fleft a reference at home and now I can't finish off my assignment. I was going to write a short section on a famous critique of modernism that I found but I can't remember what it was called or who the author is.

The author says that modernists do not adhere to the theory of form follows function because there are often various forms that are equally well suited for a function he then uses the example of regulating light which can be achieved by curtains, venetian blinds, etc etc and says how Le Corbusier chose the most expensive solution merely because it looked stylistically modern, arguing that many design choices of modernists are just stylistic rather than functional as they claim.

Does it ring a bell? Fuck I need this reference haha.

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  • AldoAldo Hippo Hooray the swamp, always the swampRegistered User regular
    edited October 2008 ?

    The critique on modernism as needlessly futuristic is probably as old as modernism itself, so I can't think of any particular names to go with it.

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