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    Since i get to use it so rarely, only other time was in the Wii thread....

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  • RedeemerRedeemer Registered User
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    Cable has his moments but they might as well fill all his speech bubbles with

    "Grave reminder of the future. Technobabble, technobabble. Technobabble. Ominous sentence about current events. Bodyslide by two!"

    I mean, I wouldn't notice a difference

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  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
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    Don't forget to intersperse it with the occasional "Sly comment that makes you think he could be telling the truth for a moment" too.

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  • durandal4532durandal4532 Registered User regular
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    I really miss the old Deadpool book, hell, even Agent X. I wish he were a popular enough character to have his own damn book for more than a year.

    God, just the whole "keeping a blind woman locked in an attic full of horrible deadly traps" thing from the first run I read was so damn awesome. I mean, I've never seen a more disturbing comic approved by the CCA.

    Plus, at least one goddamn comic since Howard the Duck should make some effort to be funny. Sometimes. I get so tired of them deciding "adult" equals "humorless".

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  • RedeemerRedeemer Registered User
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    Astonishing X-Men is really funny thanks to some really sharp writing

    Otherwise, it would be nice to see a couple more comedy-oriented comics...

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  • noir_bloodnoir_blood Registered User regular
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    Man, I loved Agent X, the whole Gail Simone run on Deadpool was what got me into the character in the first place. Does anyone know why exactly she left the book? Supposedly there was some bad blood between her and the editor, but I never been able to figure out why.

    I really hope we see some older TPB's of Deadpool.

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  • Toji SuzuharaToji Suzuhara Southern CaliforniaRegistered User regular
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    Feadpool? That doesn't work.

    durandal4532, don't forget about Nextwave. Marvel isn't always totally humorless.

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  • JCMJCM Registered User
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    Malkor wrote: »
    Manifest wrote:

    Everything good about Deadpool was done by other people.

    The point remains, he's a Leifeld creation.
    Spider-Man will always be funnier than Deadpool.

    But Spiderman will never shoot Hercules in the face fifty times.


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  • Dr. FrenchensteinDr. Frenchenstein Registered User regular
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    Owenashi wrote: »
    Hey, I like Cable. He had his good moments in his solo series. Seriouslly wish X-Man would return though. I mean, even in Exiles. He was probably the only cool thing to come out of the AoA story.

    You scoff at Sugarman? or Holocaust? Surely you jest.

    Blink was/is pretty cool though.

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  • Caveman PawsCaveman Paws Registered User regular
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    Nate Grey was the coolest product of AoA imho. I enjoyed his series up to the point they turned him into a dimension jumping shaman... or something. Basically he was too powerful and no writer could figure out a way (apparently) of powering him down or coming up with ways he could remain in the 616 without destroying evertying/taking over/something bad/etc.

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  • GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
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    I would kill for a TP of Deadpool pre-Cable

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  • Psychotic OnePsychotic One The Lord of No Pants Parts UnknownRegistered User regular
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    I'm shocked they haven't put out an essential Deadpool or reprinted at the very least The Circle Chase and that other TPB he had

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  • PsychoLarry1PsychoLarry1 Registered User regular
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    While they're at it, they must give me my Agent X trade.

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  • siliconenhancedsiliconenhanced __BANNED USERS
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    I thought the first two D&C collections I had were pretty good. I thought Deadpool and Sinister was a better match than Deadpool and Cable, even.

    Wasn't a fan of how everyone seemed to be able to blow up Deadpool and it was pretty cool with him, or the fact that "mutant healing regeneration" is pretty fucking retarded at this point.

    I do think his Civil War appearances were seriously some of the better writing in that entire arc. Say what you will, but his argument with Cable in the President's office had fucking heart.

    I think I like the way the last few issues ended
    after he fought Taskmaster and still couldn't get hired. I think a more leveled out Deadpool doing the hero thing but kicking other "heroic" ass would be pretty neat

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