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Design A Planet: Hitchhikers Guide Style!

TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
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Create A World!

In my science-fiction Novo Aether: Genesis d20 future game, my players are currently traveling to a United Colonies of America planet in the Outer Sphere. Instead of sitting down and jotting out a brief outline about this world, I thought why not open it up to the entire oDaM community and have a bit of fun. So, gentlemen, are you bad enough dudes to design a planet?

I got this idea from the World Building thread, only instead of an RP-style game that develops the world I thought we could do it in an information entry style. In the design of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, every person can post a blurb about some interesting fact or building or even an entire section on traveling tips. The challenge is to make the entries quirky and fun and interesting. Perhaps you like to put up a cool building for people to check out. Perhaps you like the idea of some bizarre cultural custom. Maybe you got a hankering to invent a new buzzword that's heard on the streets! The benefit of this method is then people can pick and grab certain items for use in their campaign. Say you like some NPC, street tradition or art design, just drop-and-go into your very own campaign!

Each entry can be slotted into a category. The categories are History, Politics, Economy, Society, Places of Interest, Religion, Environment, Geography and People. Feel free to be creative! You don't have to stick to my campaign setting, I'll most likely give everything slight tweaks to let it fit into my campaign. If you do want some ideas though, here's the interstellar government it belongs to, here's the region of space it belongs to and here's some different technology ideas.

Now, I'll go ahead and bash out an entry to kick things off.

Topic: Society
Name: Jubilee Boats

Jubilee boats are a popular pastime on Freepoint. These are large vessels usually consisting of two decks and several large gravlift engines. The lower deck is generally large and built like a rave hall, complete with lighting, large windows and places for a band to play. The upper deck is open to the environment and sports another bandstand along with a bar. The raised, enclosed, sound-proof pilot's gondola is also present on the aft of the upper deck and commands a view of the boat's surrounding. Jubilee boats are typically decorated with outlandish banners and colorful streamers.

The entire idea of the jubilee boat is to pack in as many merrymakers as possible at the loading area, take off to weave through the skyscrapers of the sprawls, blast loud music, serve extremely alcoholic drinks and let the good times roll. Jubilee boats offer very cheap fares to participate in a jubilee party, as the real profit comes from horribly overpriced drinks and food on board the boat. These packed, rocking boats are a common sight above the streets of Freepoint's city. A typical custom is for all those on the upper deck to shower a certain street with jubi-tails, long strands of streamers attached to plastic trinket of some type. Another very popular affair is the annual Tour of the World, where hundreds of jubilee boats will visit the largest sprawls on Freepoint in a three-week long roadtrip party.

It is generally a good idea to partake in these jubilee boats when the condition of oneself is not important the following day. Jubilee boats can leave with a loud, outgoing crowd late that afternoon and return early in the morning with a very quiet, mostly unconscious group of people with horrible headaches in the near future. It is also recommend by this guide to take a date that you most likely will not want to rid yourself of halfway through the party, as the only sure way to do so is to throw yourself (or by more plausibly unethical methods, the date) over the railing and plunge hundreds of feet to the hard ground below. This method cannot be whole-heartedly recommended by this guide. In this same manner, it is recommended not to be stuck in a jubilee party that sucks, as it will be a very long night indeed.

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  • ScooterScooter Registered User regular
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    This sounds fun, but if you've got any preconcieved ideas about UCA planets you should probably expect them broken in a 'game' like this. :P

    Scooter on
  • TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
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    Scooter wrote:
    This sounds fun, but if you've got any preconcieved ideas about UCA planets you should probably expect them broken in a 'game' like this. :P

    This is more for the fun of it then anything else. Seeing what cool ideas people have and whatnot. I'll apply a few mods before our personal campaign but other people might want to see what kind of cool planet gets formed out of this.

    Talonrazor on
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