To uninstall or not uninstall....

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I'm trying to free up some disk space and I cant decide if I should uninstall this game or not. Two key questions:

1) Will my save characters still be availible for ep3?
2) I did not get this game from Steam (which I wish I would have) can I easily redownload it and play it again for free from the playgreenhouse site after I uninstall it?

Did anyone uninstall ep1 one and have there characters still be usable for ep2?

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    MaratanosMaratanos Registered User regular
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    I doubt if uninstall deletes your profile, but even if it does, there's a handy guide on Greenhouse that tells you where it's stored so you can copy it before the uninstall. As for Greenhouse, yes, you can redownload the game as many times as you want as long as you still have your username and password that you bought it with.

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