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BCFx - College Football Meets Madden Meets Rock Band

ThreepioThreepio New Westminster, BCRegistered User regular
edited June 2009 in Games and Technology

I'm not American. I don't watch football.

That said, I'm fascinated by The Black College Football Experience. It's a football game that focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (capital letters for those, it's an acronymed out to HBCU). This is the second iteration of the game - the first was on PC last year.

I'm not one for sports games, but what caught my eye here is that there is a drumline mode.

According to the Ars:
The game isn't only about football, although that's the primary draw; BCFx will also come with support for the Rock Band drum set to tap into the popularity of drumlines at HBCU football games.

The game will ship with 35 songs and 65 musical cadences, although the Rock Band drums may have some challenges keeping up with the precision and speed needed to play this caliber of music.

I don't know the first damn thing about college football and don't proclaim to know a damn thing about drumlines other than what I've seen on YouTube and in the film Drumline (which I enjoyed despite the rather formulaic plot) but this struck me as a rather unique convergence of gametypes and a brilliant use of somewhat established peripherals. It definitely helps distinguish the game amongst its big name competitor(s?).

Last but not least the game has some additional depth to appeal to the documentary nerd in me:
The title will feature a look at the culture of HBCUs themselves, as the Xbox 360 version will include a Museum section featuring the history of many of the schools and their football programs.[/url]

Anyone played the PC version? Thoughts on the inclusion of the drumline mode?

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    j0hnz3rj0hnz3r Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    I used to go to TSU games just to see the Ocean of Soul. I'm also an incredible band geek and as much as I like the DCI corps like Crossmen and the such, nothing is quite as exciting as watching the black colleges perform. So needless to say, this interests me.

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    Lord JezoLord Jezo Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    The 360 release is in a couple of weeks.

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