Athiests and Offensiveness



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    Dunadan019 wrote: »
    Dunadan019 wrote: »
    We certainly can attack the fundamental principles of feminism, it just so happens that those principles are freedom and equality, and are easily defensible, unlike the principle of religion which is magical thinking.

    There is absolutely no valid reason to put gods in a box and lock them away from criticism. This is why I say moderates are culpable. Your idiotic apologetics maintain gods alone, so that, as is their nature, anybody can bring them out and use them to justify any god damned thing they please. Thanks for helping keep them around. Thanks a bunch. I'll call you when Fred Phelps finally fucking dies.

    sure you can, you can do anything you want. but should you is the question. should you attack a benign belief just because you can? no. you are wrong to attack that belief since it does not effect you.

    Belief in gods aren't bening exibit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. You can attribute anything you want to gods, absolutely anything, and never, ever be wrong about it. Belief in gods aren't bening. Period. Stop saying that like it's just fucking so and actually make a substantiated assertion.

    yes attributing negative beliefs to that belief in god is a problem.

    but so is acting on negative beliefs because "i say so"

    negative beliefs (and im defining this as beliefs that negatively effect others. very general but to be more pragmatic would make this unnecissarily complicated) are the problem you should be working against. perhaps tomorrow people will justify racism with their belief in the united states....

    You can't say anything about beliefs attributed to gods because, hey, guess what, god says so. There is absolutely nothing I can say to Fred Phelps. He is not wrong if I can't attacked the very fundamental principle of his belief. How is he wrong? It's just interpretations, right? If anything, he's more "accurate" of his reading of his god because he's incredibly biblical.

    And that's the point. You can't say, "gays are fine," to somebody like Fred Phelps because the word of his god is a higher authority than human reason and logic, so you attack the foundation and show that his god is inexistent.

    And that's forgetting the fact that, once you throw gods behind of some asshole belief, it becomes a lot more persuasive and effective. Fact. "I says so" hasn't been the foundation of cults throughout our history, unless we're talking Manson where "I" was the Judeo-Christian god.

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    Didn't we used to have this rule about locking religious threads after ten pages, because they always tended to devolve into a bunch of people screaming at each other about the same damned shit?


    I think we did.

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    There is no God for atheists!

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