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Replacing just the cpu fan

GrimReaperGrimReaper Registered User regular
The fan on my Athlon 64 X2 4800+ sounds like it's starting to hit the bucket. (at least noise wise)

My intention is to replace just the fan, leaving the heatsink on there.. since I don't have any intention of any over clocking I see zero need to replace the heat sink (and the faffing around that's involved).

Does anyone know of a fan that'd fit onto the standard amd heatsink on a Socket 939 processor? (don't mind if it comes with a heatsink since I can just screw it off that)

Or do you lot reckon I should just pick up a cheap socket 939 amd processor off ebay and use the fan from that?

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    warmepwarmep Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    You can get a new HSF assembly pretty cheap here:

    A friend has ordered one from there before, not sure how much shipping is though, I remember a lot of single core AMD64 users were buying them to overclock their CPUs, as the stock X2 HSF is pretty decent.

    If you'd rather just replace the fan with an aftermarket one, you probably would be able to directly replace the fan with one that has identical dimensions, or just yank the one off of another stock HSF.

    ah... just noticed that you're in the UK... and that the item i linked to was for AM2 X2s. Damns. Well, grab a ruler and measure your fan (in mm or cm). I think I remember some of the amd fans being 70mm, but I don't know if that was for an older revision or not.

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